The American road trip is one of my favorite past times. You can travel wherever you want to without any worry in the world. All you need to do is pack your bag for the road and of course, need a car. This time this road trip adventure is super fun because your pet is alongside you! Well, enough of the solo trips already, it’s about time you give your pet a chance too to travel the outside world and breathe a little more don’t you think?

So you need to devise the best American route for the pet-sponsored trip you are now able to plan with your pet with ease. Now it’s up to you whether you want to visit the cultural sites, state capitols, scenic landmarks or other fun sites keep in mind that this time your four-legged pal is going to be with you.

The Perfect Americano Road Trip Adventure with your Dog

Of course, if you have a dog for your pet you will love how great everything turns out to be. But first, for this trip to go great, you will need to pack all the dog essentials for travel like collar ID, dog bed, water bowl, etc, to be fully prepared.

Once you are done with packing your dog essentials, you will find down below the list of the amazing states in the US that are not only pet-friendly but also popular for their views, hiking trails and outdoor activities, and much more.

Traveling is even good for your pets. One of the secrets to raising a healthy puppy is to go on memorable adventures! Let’s begin the pet-friendly travel from the Northwestern side of the US.

#1 Washington

The first in the far northwest corner in Washington, located on the confetti of the emerald jewels by the Salish Sea, is the beautiful land of San Juan Islands. Sure, you can travel to the main city but it’s been there done that kind of travel. So, take a look into the natural landscape with your dog alongside you.

The rules are simple for pets. They are allowed to stay in the vehicle for crossing and can even ride in the passenger cabin. You must make sure your dog is wearing the harness and has a leash on them at all times.

Besides do not forget to visit these places when visiting Washington;

  • The Seattle Barkery: A food truck for dogs that offers great food at the Fremont Sunday Market.
  • Chambers Bay Off-Leash Park and Beach: A place your dog can roam free adjacent to the Golf Course. The spacious off-leash area is perfect for small, shy, and senior dogs.
  • Luther Burbank Park: Your dog will truly be happy here! The shore area is perfect for dogs who love to get wet.

#2 Oregon

Known for the popular eateries, extensive urban park system, Oregon is another pet-friendly playground you need to stop by. With more than 10,000 acres of natural areas, your pet will be one happy dog!

Since there are a lot of pet-friendly playgrounds, you can visit any park on the go. You can never go wrong with any park choice. In fact, there at least 20 parks in Oregon where you are allowed to take off the leash of the dogs. But do visit theEastbank Esplanade. It extends for 15 miles along the Willamette River and you can take cool pictures!.

Some of the other cool places you can visit in Oregon includes;

  • Cannon Beach: Any type of pet is welcome to visit, even dogs. So you can spend the day and get acquainted with the town center, shops and cafes too.
  • Wildwood Trail, Forest Park: Now you can further extend a trip for a 30-mile hike. A hike in the wilderness within Portland city is amazing.
  • Roads End State Recreation Site: You can pay a visit with your dog to the beautiful beach. But make sure that your dog is well behaved, owners would love that.

#3 Idaho

If you and your dog love the rugged peaks, northern Idaho is the choice for you guys! Your dog will go nuts with one look at the pine trees! (for some weird reason they love them) and then there are some of the most beautiful lakes too.

Stretched over 26 miles with the additional 135 miles of shoreline, you have to make sure the dog leash is in your hand at all times. The blue sparkling jewel, the Lake Coeur d’Alene is a fantasy called for travel adventurers like you guys.

That’s lovely, isn’t it?  Moreover, you can plan a day at;

  • Central Bark Dog Park: Well, a fully fenced park for all dog breeds is simply fantastic without a leash! The paved area is nice too with clean benches.
  • Boise River Greenbelt: the former rail lines are now converted as the network of trails which is why the place is famous as “rail-trail”. It’s a great place to visit but you need to use the map.
  • McEuen Park Dog Park: If your dog is a runner he would love to play here! The agility equipment is supreme. The place remains open from dawn to dusk.

#4 Wyoming

The mountain game is headstrong with the Wyoming territory. The Bighorn Mountains bring the true challenge for any traveler with a pet. Because guys are all about the hike!

To visit the site, you have to make sure your dog is trained and has high endurance for hiking with physical stamina. The Bighorn Mountains are the sister range to the Rockies (woo!) so it’s usually overshadowed but it works in your favor. This means fewer crowds.

Also, you can manage the time and visit the oldest government-protected forest lands in America! This will be a great honor for you and of course for your pet too if you also get to visit;

  • Hydro Hounds: If you are interested to find a rehab place for your dog, then you will not regret visiting Hydro Hounds. Your dog can enjoy the company of fellow dogs!
  • Jackson Hole’s Old Time Photos: So, this is the photo shop for the old time’s photos you want with your dog. It’s worth spending some bucks here.
  • Lake McKenzie Dog Park: It’s nothing out of the extraordinary but the place is relaxing for dogs. There are some nice shades and the water is cool for dog splash fun.

#5 Montana

Ever heard of the Beartooth Highway? Take a look at the 68 miles towards Montana between Cooke City and Red Lodge. On the road, one of the highest in the lower states, you will experience the most lavish landscape, lush green forests, and alpine tundra in Montana. It’s all within a few miles of Bear tooth Highway.

This means there’s a lot of space for your dog to run, fetch and spend a mighty day full of fun. Given the high elevation the weather is almost severe almost all year round so remember to pack dog jackets too.

Also, some of the other cool places you can try out are;

  • Glacier National Park: Unfortunately dogs are not allowed on the park trails but the campgrounds are free choice. A leash is still compulsory and kennels are available for dogs here.
  • Tail Waggers: Try to visit the pet grooming shop too! It’s an amazing place and if need be you can buy some pet supplies for your dogs during your trip.
  • Pacific Steel & Recycling Trailside Dog Park: It’s a beautiful park and properly fenced. Dogs can rest in the shaded area, also enjoy the water and obstacle courses to keep them busy.

Plan to carry the necessary pet supplies for the trip

Proper planning is mostly required when your dog is traveling by your side. So some of the dog essentials that you should always carry despite a trip are short or long must include;

  • Dog food bowls and feeders (can be foldable)
  • A harness or vest with the leash attachment
  • Dog collar with the upgraded ID tag
  • Dog bed or dog car seat
  • Dog wipes and poop bags!!!
  • Emergency travel kit for dogs
  • Dog blanket or old towels
  • Disinfect soap
  • Life jacket
  • Brush and combs (some of the other grooming supplies) etc.

Choose your favorite place!

So what do you think? Which of these states do you plan to start your road trip? Personally, I will always suggest starting from the destinations that are closer to your home.

In case your dog is not really accustomed to long-distance traveling, then keep your traveling adventure shorter. If that’s not an issue then by all means have a go at these locations.

Sharing your experience if you already had a chance to travel with your pet in any of the above-mentioned states. Every pet travel story matters.

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