I can completely understand your feeling. Neither you nor cat can stop feeding your cat with the foods that you eat. As you eat, your cat would naturally be tempted to eat with you. But have you ever wondered how healthy would it be for your cat to feed on the same food as you do?

At times you can see your cat moving around to and fro in search of food that you eat. Some people suggest giving cats whatever they eat but in smaller amounts. Giving the same food whatever you eat in a smaller quantity is advisable. But you cannot do the same always.

On consulting the vet doctor, they came up with some food items that can be completely toxic to cats. Those food items are regular ingredients in a human’s diet. This article is definitely for you to read on to know more about the food item which is safe for a cat.

Can a cat eat cheese?

We are well aware that a cat belongs to a carnivorous family which means that cats belong to a family of tiger and cheetah. And these cat family animals love to eat meat. They eat and grow on meat and its products. Meat and its products are high in protein and fat. But what about dairy products?  We have seen in some TV commercials that a cat eating a cheese.

But is it advisable to feed your cat with cheese? The answer is no. Never feed

your cat with cheese. Though cheese and its products might be rich in protein, it is not advisable to feed your cat with cheese. Any form of cheese like feta cheese, parmesan cheese is highly not advisable for your cat’s well being.

But you might wonder, Why can not a cat eat a slice of cheese if he drinks milk?. You may also think why cannot eat drink milk a lot? The answer is pretty simple.

Cat basically lacks an enzyme named as lactase. This lactase enzyme helps to break down the dairy nutrients. The dairy nutrients are broken down into easily digestible food by this lactase enzyme. But unfortunately, cats lack this enzyme. Due to its absence, it becomes very difficult for a cat to digest milk and its products. A heavy dose of milk and any cheese product can cause vomiting and it may even cause diarrhoea.

Treating your lovable cat with a little amount of cheese goes well with the digestive tracks of a cat. You may even find traces of cheese in store-bought cat food. This is because cats love to relish on cheese products. But unfortunately, it might cause harm to its digestive system and it is too far to expect a cat to understand this. So it lies in the hands of the caretakers to keep in mind that traces of cheese go well with a cat and a piece of cheese never suits a cat’s digestive system.

 A cat’s stand on nondairy cheese

Well, some of you may feel bad for not advising on feeding dairy cheese. And you may also come up with other options like a non-dairy cheese. A non-dairy cheese, as the name suggests it lacks dairy qualities. It is catered to the needs of Human beings who are intolerant to lactose.

So from a dairy cheese, the lactose is removed, and to enhance its flavor few other supplements are added to it. But it is also not advisable for a cat. A cat is still intolerant to a non-dairy cheese. This is because this non-dairy cheese is highly rich in protein and fat. So please do check the ingredients of any product before feeding your cat.

Is cheese advisable for kittens?

Now is cheese advisable for kittens? It is an important question to answer. We have seen many kittens licking milk. But why is the same dairy product becomes harmful for an adult cat? We do understand from the rule of nature that young ones feed on the milk of their mother. So a kitten has a natural property of digesting its mother’s milk. As it grows, It refrains itself from its mother and inclines towards solid food. At that time, a kitten loses its capability of digesting dairy products.

Stop feeding your cat with these:

There are some types of food your cat loves to relish for but it can cause devastation to your loved cat’s digestive system. So be sure not to use also these food items for your cat.


Cats and fish go hand in hand. A cat cannot control itself on seeing a fish. But trust me, the famous saying is true. Too much of anything is fruitful for nothing. This is exactly the same as too much of Tuna is harmful to a cat. Tuna is a by-product of fish and thus a cat loves it to the most and anything goes excess is always harmful and excess of Tuna is bound to cause mercury poisoning. So think twice before feeding tuna to your cat.

Onion and Garlic.

Onion and garlic should never be given to a cat. Even the powdered form of onion or garlic is highly prohibited. A small quantity of onion may cause a deep rupture of red blood cells which leads to an anemic condition of your cat. A clove of garlic is even more dangerous. It leads to serious digestive issues. So be double cautious before using dealing with an onion or a garlic

Grapes and resin

I have seen many of my friends treat their pets with grapes and resin. Grapes are at times safer and at times harmful. It may even cause kidney failure to your lovable. This condition is also similar to dogs.

Cats can be curious animals that taste anything and everything they can get. However, some of them can be very difficult when it comes to their diet. Choosing the right type of cat food is very important. So beware of these foods when treating your valuable companion that is your cat with the above-mentioned food.

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