All humans seek happiness. It’s our nature. Nobody wants to be sad and miserable. The same thing applies to the animals that we keep keep as pet. They can’t express boredom or misery, but they go through these states, showing up as behavioral issues.

Pet owners must ensure their pets are happy. Here are some tips for them.

Give your pet space

Pets, especially cats, rabbits and raccoons may be tiny in shape and size, but they need a lot of space. The larger the space, the happier they are. This is not an unfounded claim, multiple research have confirmed this. Pets want to stretch their legs, squat, roll, jump and tumble. Unless, they are given a considerable amount of space, they’d feel confined.

So, give your pet enough space. How much space is enough space? At least 5 x 5 sq ft should be allotted to the pet. This is the bare minimum. Some owners are so insensitive to the needs of the pet that they only provide it with a pet cage or a basket bed. On the other hand, some owners are very protective and they allow the pet to roam across the whole room and jump, play and hide.

The larger, the better when it comes to space for pets. Remember that.

Pet-friendly furniture

Buy furniture that keep pets comfortable. Tell the store owner that you live in a tiny apartment with a number of pet animals. He’ll suggest furniture that when kept inside a small room, add a spacious feel to it. This way, you could install furniture

Dogs and cats scratch and chew instinctively. So do mice and few other pets. Owners often complain constant scratching doing damage to their furniture. Pet friendly furniture are built keeping the scratching habit of pets in mine. Additionally, they can buy scratching posts, which are available in the market. The posts make furniture scratch-resistant. They remain intact.

Small pets love playing hide and seek. With their owners and with each other. By having shoe rack like wooden installments, owners can indulge them in playing as they can hide in the shelves. Pet-friendly window sills are in huge demand. Extended window sills let perch on them, enjoying the sigh of the outside world.

Show them pet videos

Pets are not dumb. They are intelligent and sometimes have complex emotions like us humans. They enjoy the sight of other pets, especially if it’s from the same breed. Show them movies or television shows that feature other pets.

Increase your DVD collection for movies that specifically revolve around pets and their lives. To name some Hollywood movies, 101 Dalmatian comes in mind, followed by Marley & Me, The Incredible Journey, Cats & Dogs. Majority of these movies feature either dogs or cats. So, if you have a cat or a dog, keep them entertained by showing these movies.

Bring another pet

Pets are social animals just like humans. Therefore, as an owner, you need to provide them with the company of other pets. Bring a kitten if you already have a cat at home. Bring a puppy if you have a dog at home.

Your pet will get a companion and a furry friend with whom he can play all day long. Playing is an enthusiastic activity. It keeps pets from getting bored and the regular exercise that comes in the form of jumping and rolling on the floor keep them healthy and fit.

It’d be good for you as well. Your loneliness will disappear in the vicinity of two members of a different species, whom you hold dear to your heart.

Mental stimulation

Pets need mental stimulation. The first rule to positively stimulate your pet is spend as much time with it as you can. Isolation hurts animals more than it hurts us humans. That’s because our rational thinking helps us cope with it. But animals are not rational. They cannot cope with an isolated environment and begin feeling depressed.

Create a schedule for the pet and stick with it. The pet will learn when to expect food, when to go outside and when to sleep. This will also be a great way for it to receive training. Animals pick up habits and repeating the habits make them feel happy. Making them accustomed to a particular schedule is mentally stimulating for them. Be sure not to deviate from it as that could create anxiety in the pet.

Everyday pet grooming

You need to groom your pet everyday. Brush through its fur and while you do that, carefully look for bumps, scratch marks, suspicious lumps and mites. Remove all the dead hair. Rub oil over its body to keep the skin and the fur covering it healthy.

Aside from keeping the pet healthy, regular grooming instills a habit in it. It’s the habit to stay clean and well-groomed.

Summing up

The tips shared here will keep your pet happy – both physically and mentally. There’ll be a nice atmosphere at your home and you could save money that you might have had to spend had you not cared for your pet’s happiness. So, start following these tips today onwards and keep your pet both happy and healthy.

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