Having a dog at home is a great thing. It can be your companion, friend, stress-reliever and much more. Basically, owning a dog comes with many benefits. Since your dog has such importance in your life, it is essential that you keep them happy and healthy.

Keeping dog healthy is one of the key responsibilities of a dog owner. They have different requirements than the humans and need special care as well. If it sounds too scary, don’t worry. With a few helpful healthy dog tips you can easily take a great care of your dog and keep them healthy and happy.

Here are some healthy dog tips you can follow:

#1 A place to Live

Whether you built them a home in your backyard or a small corner in your house, make sure that your dog has the most comfortable place to live in. A comfortable place to sleep and rest will provide your dog with peace of mind, which is so essential for their well-beings. Before you bring a pup home you need to ensure you have the perfect living space for them. It should have a great sleeping space, protection from weather condition and personalized to meet its needs. The bedding should be clean and dry for its comfort.

#2 Food and Water

Just like you your dog too needs water and food to survive and stay healthy. This is one of the essential healthy dog tips that you must follow. Get recommendation from the vet on what food is best for your dog. You can also do your own research by reading books and blogs online. Likewise, make sure that the water is clean and fresh as well. Dogs need clean water too stay healthy and happy. Keep them hydrated and well nourished with clean water.

#3 Healthy Weight

Did you know that dogs can be overweight too? If you don’t follow the right diet for your dog they will gain unnecessary weight. So, it is important that you give them food and snacks the right way while making sure they have the right amount of nutrients. In order to remain healthy and fit your dog need food in correct amount. You can ask the vet or breeder for some help and get recommendation on what your dog needs to eat and how much. This will help you keep your dog in great shape.

#4 Physical Exercise

Dogs need physical activities too. Whether it is a regular walk in the park or games in the backyard, your dog need exercise. Make sure that you exercise your dog on regular basis. Remember that a happy dog is active and healthy. Dogs are naturally active physically. If your dog doesn’t want to run and play then it may have some issues. They could be sick or depressed or unhappy. Pay attention to signs when your dog doesn’t want to play. If your pup or dog is suddenly not active or is disinterested then it is time you took them to the vet.

#5 Regular Check-Ups

Take your dog to the vet for overall check-ups at least twice a year. Don’t wait for your dog to show some signs of problems. Sometimes, even if there are no signs but the dog might be dealing with some serious health issues. Make sure to take your pup to the vet for regular check-ups and keep the records for reference. It is one of the important healthy dog tips.

#6 Play with your dog

Make sure that you are spending enough time with your pup. Play with them every day so that they have some kind of physical activity. This will have a great psychological effect on them. Bonding with your dog is essential for their overall health. Spend time with them and play with them so that they can feel loved and cared for. Dogs have lots of energy. Play with them and let them use the energy for physical activity. A happy dog is a tired dog after all the playing.

#7 Keep your Dog Disciplined

Keeping your dog under control all the time is essential for their well being. You don’t want them to get bad habits. From good eating habits to exercises to behaving well, you need to teach your dog to follow your orders. Set some ground rules and train your dog to follow your commands. When you have your dog in control you will be able to avoid any accident or embarrassment in front of the guests.

The Bottom-Line

The healthy dog tips can help you keep your dog happy and healthy all the times. With a little effort every day you can create a healthy routine for your dog. Take care of your dog and it will live happy, strong and stress-free.

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