Fences have many uses. Some use them to give their pets a safe and sheltered area outside the home. A fence isn’t just decoration for homeowners with pets – it’s a necessity. Vinyl fences are tough enough to withstand abuse from animals and humans alike. That said, there are still a few things to consider when you’re looking at getting a vinyl fence to secure your pets.

Here are some tips to consider when choosing a fence your dog care


A tall fence may be unappealing to some people since it can obscure vistas or make your yard appear smaller. If you have a large dog, though, the height of your fence is perhaps the most significant factor to consider. Big dog breeds like Huskies and Labradors have incredible jumping abilities, which can be remarkable at times but not when they’re attempting to get out of your yard. For a large breed, a 6ft high fence should be enough. Your dog is unlikely to jump higher than this, but if they can, you can always add an extension to the fence afterward. A wall topper may easily adapt to an existing fence or wall encircling your property, saving you the effort of having to repair the wall footings. Wooden wall toppers have been popular in the past, but the Duramax vinyl wall topper is a terrific option if you’re looking for something more long-lasting. A vinyl wall topper is a decorative component installed on top of a fence or wall to add elegance to a simple wall while also increasing the privacy and height of your property. Manufacturers of Duramax vinyl fences can customize your wall topper to match your specific requirements. Furthermore, you have a wide choice of styles to choose from that will easily fit into your project.

The right materials

There are plenty of options to choose from when selecting your fencing material. However, if you’re installing a fencing or wall topper to heighten the height of your wall and contain your big dog, then you must be more careful about the material you choose. Most large dog breeds are strong and wouldn’t have difficulty getting through a low-quality fence, even if it’s made from durable materials.

The best material for using for the large dog would be vinyl. A fence made from high-quality vinyl will be the best option because it is resistant to scratching and chewing. Duramax Fences manufacture their vinyl fences from high-quality pure, virgin vinyl. Currently, they are offering free samples of their product. You can contact them to claim yours.

Dogs will not be able to climb privacy fences

Many large dog breeds are surprisingly good climbers, but only if they get good footholds. This is why a chain link is a bad idea because your dog will have a little problem climbing over it. On the other hand, panel fences, or vinyl fences, are ideal because they don’t provide your dog any footholds, which means their only option for escaping the barrier would be jumping. But, providing you’ve built the fence high enough or have installed wall toppers for that extra height, this will not be a problem.

Along with the choice of materials, you should also ensure there aren’t any boosters around the fence that your dog could jump from. Things like planters and bird baths might seem like a good idea, but it will be a problem when your dog uses them as a springboard to get out of the yard.

Limiting visibility

Large dogs aren’t the only ones who are territorial, but their size and power make it more of a problem. For instance, does your dog enjoy barking at people or animals who pass by your home? You may find this irritating, but your dog believes it is only performing its job. However, you should keep this in mind while selecting a fence material. Wooden paneling or vinyl will be the finest options once again. The goal is to put up a privacy fence so that your dog can’t see outside your yard. Installing a strong fence should potentially result in your dog acting slightly calmer, lowering the likelihood of them attempting to flee. After all, they won’t see the dog walking if they can’t see it.


While this tip applies to all fences, regardless of whether they contain a large dog, it’s particularly applicable in this case. As mentioned above, large dogs are strong, so you don’t want your fence to be weakened through lack of care. In addition, this will give your dog more opportunity to escape, which is the last thing you want. Vinyl fences have less upkeep, but you should regularly check for signs of damage and wear.

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