Many people think that cat scratches objects in order to sharpen his claws. This might be true to some aspect, however it is the secondary reason. As per the study on cat behavior states that cat scratches to communicate on speaking where he is or what he is up to. Generally they scratch roughing up the leg of expensive chair or a tree bark, sometimes in human hands and legs and many other locations.

Usually cats tend to choose to scratch some conspicuous object around them like corner of the couch, fence post and repeatedly return to them. No wander the tree next door and so scratched up and you cat was on the couch alone. They leave a visible mark on the scratch surface so that it can be easily seen by other cats or by people. Also, their paws have scent glands and so they leave odor cues on the scratching post so that others will know where they are.

Read on and learn some points for establishing s good scratching habit in your cat:

  • Making on scratching posts or even buy one
  • Never force your cat to scratch the scratching object you make by putting his paws on the object
  • Encourage your cat use the scratching post by playing near the post
  • Cover the damaged scratching area with thick plastic or cloth

Useful tips to minimize your cat scratching habits

Something that cats love to do most is scratching. When they go out, they scratch trees, fences, poles wood, and when they are indoors, they love to scratch curtains, wallpapers, sofa, carpets, etc. It is because of their habit that many pet owners seem frustrated of seeing their cat scratching all over the décor items and furniture.

Removing those dangerous claws

It can be said that removing the claws is an extremely process for cats, not to mention an unfair one. Since it is their nature to scratch and for your convenience you should not really try to change them. These kind of process not only cause psychological trauma but also physical to the cats.

Why do cat scratches a lot?

In order to find a solution for this issue, you need to understand why your cat likes scratching so much. We don’t have the idea as what cats try to communicate with their scratching. Now both male and female cats do it inside and outside the home even when your cat is the only cat in your area. It might be any territorial warning or an announcement that cat lives here happily. Even if your cat scratches very often, still you don’t have to worry, he is not being destructive and not trying to spite you rather trying to communicate.

Besides making their own territory, sharpening and cleaning her claws, for cats scratching is a great physical exercise. It normally includes stretching, balancing, climbing, etc as these activities are crucial for healthy survival of cats. That is the reason why it is not good to declaw or punish her every time she scratches.

Give them scratching posts

One better option would be to purchase a scratching post and teach your cat about how to use it. Even it will take few days, but after he has realized and learned, he will play and scratch with the posts with more fun than running your home furniture and décor. You should try different kinds of tricks to draw your cat’s attention to the post.

Also, as an owner you should know that cat enjoys playing so you can consider to buy posts with dangling toys which could be even better. If the post doesn’t come with such attachment, you can consider adding them by yourself. This way, they will easily understand the perks of fooling around near the scratching posts. However, you need to ensure that the post you’ve purchased is sturdy and big enough. Cats do not enjoy scratching thing that is not stable as they don’t help in proper scratching.

Try other furniture like scratching tree or just a condo

Besides the normal posts, you can also buy other furniture items such as trees, gyms, condos, inclined scratchers, etc. These items can be easily purchased online or at some local pet furniture store. This will surely give hours of entertainment and fun to your beloved kitty. Such furniture comes with a number of features such as toys, comfortable bed, sisal poles, perches and many other attractive features.


If you have made a final decision to help out your cat with scratching habit, you need to tale every option in consideration as discussed in this article. Also make sure you select the right kind and placing of it. Since cats are very tidy animals and hade around dirty things, you can make sure to regularly clean and well maintain them.

This article is to show you the basic facts and myths about cat scratches and how you can handle their habit and without getting yourself hurt or even destroying your home décor or furniture.

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