No doubt, whether it a kid or an adult, almost all are fascinated when a new pet is introduced to their home. For adults, pets are companions and a way to come out of their loneliness, especially during this pandemic when many are working for long hours in isolation.

And for kids’ pets are the partner for nurturing curiosity and, of course, an ideal companion for entertainment. No matter whether it is a husky or a birdie, or a fish, all are adorable in their own ways and play a vital role in bringing a bunch of joy to our lives.

Before we dig deep into details, let us get to know about the eight best pets for home.


Dogs are ideal companions both for adults and kids. They are very caring, adorable, and playful. There are plenty of breeds of dogs that can be adopted—pug, spaniel, Labrador, German shepherd, to mention a few. The choice of dog breeds depends on the size of your house.

Dogs are gentle, loving, and very loyal but very wise as well. Dogs being very playful will push your child to play more and bring positive vibes to the home due to its affectionate nature. Dogs are also ideal caregivers if there are any depression patients in the home.


Although cats are not as playful when compared with dogs, they still make an ideal pet for home. The elegant, furry creatures are sometimes a perfect source of entertainment, especially when you have them in pairs.

Cats are easy to maintain creatures and often take care of themselves. It is ideal to buy a cat bed for your feline as most of them require is a cozy place to sleep. Cats also come in a wide variety of shades and colors.


Most birdies have a lovely chirpy voice and colorful feathers. So, if you have a kid who does not like touching the pet physically but wants an amazing companion for free time, birds are perfect. The melodious voice and colors of a bird keep your child hooked to it.

There are plenty of birds you can choose as your pet- parrot, parakeets, Cockatiel. Parrot is a little larger, so if you are looking for smaller birdies, you can opt for parakeets and cockatiels. Parakeets have an uncanny ability to mimic a human voice. Another affectionate and adorable bird for you and your child will be a dove.

Guinea Pigs

The little furry creatures rarely bite anyone. They are very social and love human company, and are easy to handle. Guinea pigs mostly feed on pellets and fresh vegetables and have a life span of about 7-8 years. They need a lot of exercise and vitamin C. Adopting a guinea pig is a brilliant idea, but they require proper attention!


Although initially, it may cost a little more to set up an aquarium but once done, the maintenance comes at a low cost. All you need to provide your fishes are timely food and once a month or two months clean up, depending on the size of the aquarium.

The elegant moves and amazing behavior of fishes in an aquarium amuse almost anyone, especially the toddlers. It arouses curiosity and entertains them. Gold Fish, Angelfish, sucker fish are a must-have in your aquarium and easy on your pockets. Some low-maintenance fishes are easy on new buyers.


Turtles have a long-life span and require very little maintenance. They are also very calm, and there is no risk that they will run away anywhere and you need to fetch them. Children have a high fascination for turtles as they could stay in one position for long hours. They are very gentle and could co-exist peacefully with other turtles as well. Turtles sometimes end up being the oldest pets in the home.


Cute, furry, and cuddly rabbits make a great companion for kids. Although initially, they take time to gel-up with humans, they hardly leave you once familiarized. If you want to adopt a rabbit, one tip will be to buy the same sex rabbits as they rapidly breed and multiply in number.

Rest kids are very fond of rabbits and could carry the tiny ones in their pockets. The rabbit also remains in the pocket once acquainted with human touch and observes things around.


Mice can remain happily in small spaces and are easy to be taken care of. Simply put some female mice together and observe them live happily! It is completely safe for kids to play with mice, and it indeed gives good company to your child.


Long story short! Pets play a vital role in our lives; they keep us happy, entertained, and escape from loneliness. For kids, they are a way to learn what happens around the environment and to develop compassion. But every time you bring home a pet, there comes in some commitment- you need to provide them food, keep them in good conditions and carry your pet to a vet when necessary. So, adopt one when you can adhere to the commitments!

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