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CBD Oils for Dogs – 6 Important Things You Need to Know

CBD oil has gained its popularity for its various uses. Many researcher studies have shown that CBD oil can treat many health issues, ranging from everyday aliments to chronic conditions.As CBD has many health benefits on for the humans, it was tried on animals too. CBD has been found to be beneficial for the dogs. Your dog can also have health boosting benefits from CBD oil too.

The benefits of CBD oil on dogs are incredible. It can have a calming effect and pain reliving sensation on the pets like dogs. CBD targets endogenous cannabinoid system located in the brain, organ, central nervous system and immune cells that are responsible for giving relaxing effect.

If you are new to CBD oil for the pets, there a few important things you should know. Here they are:

#1 What is CBD oil

Cannabidiol (CBD) is one ofthe 113 cannabinoids found in a cannabis plant and has 40% extract of plant. It does not get you high or has any kind of psychoactive effect. The CBD oil is the oil extracted from the CBD plant.

#2 CBD oil for dogs

CBD is not psychoactive, so when given to dog it does not get them high but it gives relaxation without intoxication. CBD oil helps to treat seizures and epilepsy, gives relief from chronic pain from conditions like arthritis, boost appetite, reduce anxiety, prevents and kills cancer, it reduces chronic inflammation, it protect the nervous system and give relief from neurodegenerative diseases and helps in promoting cardiovascular health.

#3 Side effect of CBD oil on Dogs

CBD has a few side-effects on dogs, but they are not very serious in nature. High doses of CBD can cause side-effects like:

  • CBD is given to treat anxiety in dogs, they feel drowsy as it gives calming effect.
  • Dogs sometimes feels dry mouth from CBD product,and as a result they will produce less salvia and will consume more water.
  • CBD product in some case causes drop in blood pressure in dogs too.

If you see any of the above side-effects in your dog after consuming CBD product just reduce the dose of the CBD.

#4 How to use CBD on dog

CBD product comes in different forms for dogs like CBD oil, CBD tincture, oral and sprays and balms. The best form of CBD products depends upon the usage on dog like balms are great in arthritis condition. If you want to give your dog CBD on a daily basis then mix the oil in their food or liquid food. In an emergency, spray form is best to calm them immediately. Tincture form is the best and easiest as you can easily adjust the dose in tincture form.

#5 Guidelines for buying CBD oil for dogs

Pet owners have to ensure that the products they buy for the dog is safe for their pets.  CBD is not regulated by Federal government and discrepancies between state and federal laws lacks the regulation of amount of THC in CBD oil and THC can be dangerous for the dogs. It is the petowner’s responsibility to buy safe products for their pets.

Here is a checklist to find best CBD oil for the dogs:

  • Only purchase the CBD product that is strictly meant for the dogs. The CBD oil for the dogs should not have any THC is them as they can have negative impact on the dogs.
  • Always read the dose guidelines on product label and strictly follow them. Doses vary from product to product. When you start giving CBD to dog keep record of any negative symptoms.
  • Buy CBD product as prescribed by the veterinarian as they will prescribe CBD for the dogs based on the medical condition, age and other relevant factors. 
  • Always look for organic CBD product as it won’t contain any pesticides or any other harmful ingredients that will have any negative effect on the dogs.
  • Choose the CBD product that is completely extracted from hemp and not from marijuana.CBD products can be extracted from both hemp and marijuana. The THC level in marijuana is more compared to the THC level in hemp plant. THC level hemp is 0.3% compare to marijuana which has 30% THC level.

#6 Where to buy CBD oil for dog

Hemp based CBD oil is legal in all 50 states and is easily available on various online stores. Depending on where you live, you can easily buy the CBD products offline from stores too or from a veterinary clinic.

The Bottom-Line

Now that you know how CBD is very effective in different health issues in dogs, make sure you use them wisely. CBD product should be used under supervision and the dose should be given as prescribed.

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