There are a wide variety of dog toys waiting for your pooch in the market to explore. The dog toys are specifically designed to entertain your dog but serve a lot number of other benefits.

Dog toys are of innumerable types ranging from chewable to cute stuffed toys to frisbees. The dog toys are ideal for exercise, stress relief, dental health, intellectual stimulation and bonding.

Some dog toys even serve as meal providers and keep your pooch relaxed when you are out for work.

Different type of dog toys:

Distraction Toys:

No doubt, we crave to spend time with our dogs, but our dogs have a greater degree of craving and could demand attention at the most inconvenient times. So, the best rescue for us without letting down our pooch is to treat him with a distraction toy. Chewable treat-dispensing toys are ideal for keeping your doggo hooked. Such toys also stimulate the brain of your doggo and serve a great training purpose apart from keeping your pooch engaged.

Training Toys:

Although every toy serves a training purpose for your dog. But there are some toys specifically designed for the successful accomplishment of the training purpose of your pooch. A common example is a Trixie Pet Toys in which treats are placed inside the toys, and the dog has to play around applying brains to feed upon the treat.

Fetch Toys:

Such toys are designed to engage both the owner and the dog. It provides proper exercise to your dog and the common examples are frisbees and balls.

Tug-of war toys:

Although a lot of controversies revolve around whether you should play tug-of war game with your pooch, but it is helpful when you have a command over your game.

Durability leads the scenario:

With a plethora of toys around the market, consider buying toys that are durable. The reason being, there is nothing worse than finding a newly bought toy shattered into pieces the very next day. Again, there are chances of your dog ingesting a piece of plastic that could be injurious for his health.

When we dig into the details, there are two points that need vital attention: one of the foremost being the dog’s health and the second being a long-lasting toy.

Factors influencing the selection of dog toys:


One of the most important elements defining the selection of dog toy is age. While smaller and senior dogs need softer toys, on other side adult dogs should be gifted with harder ones. The reason being, the smaller and senior dog, could get hurt by the harder toys and the adult may suck the life out of the softer ones.

Right size:

Another consideration to keep in mind while selecting the toy for your pooch is to think about the size of the dog’s mouth. If the toy is too small, there are chances of it being swallowed and if its too large your doggo might not enjoy playing with it.

Take into consideration the dog’s personality:

Taking the dog’s persona into account is another essential factor determining the purchase of a dog toy. Softer toys or cuddly toys are a no for dogs with active personality or hyper personality. On the other end, your anxious pooch may feel even more anxious with loud or noisy toys. The dog’s with softer personalities must be offered softer and easy to chew toys.

Interactive toys for keeping your pooch challenged:

It is very vital to include interactive toys in your purchase list. It could be puzzle based or critically designed to consume your pooch’s active time. Mostly when your dog plays the ball game with you or struggles to find his favourite treat. It can oust physical and mental energy within a short duration ad will reduce stress and monotony.

Easy to clean toys hits the priority list:

In order to ensure proper dental hygiene of your dog buy toys that could be cleaned easily. Again, some dog toys come at a greater price and it is not possible to buy them again and again. Hence, easy to clean toys are the best! Fabric toys could be easily machine washed and needs regular cleaning. Similarly, squeaky toys also come with an outer covering that are easy to wash and are as genuine as the one’s without a cover.


The collection of dog toys available in the market will leave you spoilt by choice and spellbound at the creativity of the designers. Sometimes, the dogs are much smarter than we assume, but there are many things your doggo will never know about. Again, toys are quite often a greater alternative to treats and would be an absolute solution to lure your dog to learn training faster.

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