Felines, unlike dogs, do not need clothing unless they are undergoing any medical condition or belong to a specific breed. Most kitties have natural fur, keeping it warm and safe. Cat owners or parents buy them clothes for show-off purposes. The idea behind choosing cat clothes will be completely different from the rest of its canine friends. Although felines are not so fond of being dressed up, some tricks and tips may help you with dressing up your kitty.

A wide variety of cat accessories and clothes are available in the market that will make your kitty look super cute and hard to take eyes off. One will be spell-bound to see the cute sweaters, hoodies, hats and apparel designed for your kitties.

A lot number of factors need to be considered before deciding upon cat clothing.

Factors that affect the choice of cat clothes:

Breed of cat:

Depending upon the breed of cats, we need to think about the cat clothing. Some short-haired feline breeds such as Abyssinian cat, the Bengal cat and American/British Shorthair cats may need a thick sweater as it may get shivers during mild cold weathers. But, on the other hand, hairy breeds like the Siamese, Norwegian Forest cats and Persian cats generally do not need clothing unless the temperature fall is grave. Sometimes, when the cats are wounded or have been over-groomed, then also they may need clothes in order to protect them from extreme weather conditions. Flea infestation can also be avoided to some extent by wrapping your cat in clothes.


Every time you buy a cat apparel make sure it fits in properly with the size and shape of your kitty. It should be tailored-made, else, the cat may feel it uncomfortable to wear and may start screeching.


Another aspect that cannot be ignored is that your cat might get over-heated without you even noticing. Hence, buy cat clothes by considering the material of the clothing, the breed of cat and the thickness of fur. Again, you should take the temperature into account before buying apparel for the felines.

Different types of cat clothing:

Cat sweaters:

Cat sweaters not only protect your kitty from extreme temperature drop, but also keeps them warm and look adorable as it comes with a plethora of designs.

Car Scarves:

Scarves come in a variety of designs and on top of that are easy to put on. It is adorable to see your kitty wrapped with a lovely scarf snugging close near you.

Cat Raincoats:

Felines love to remain warm and comfortable. Again, especially when you want to take your kitty out on a rainy day you do not want her to be rain soaked and irritated. Hence, raincoats are an essential component of your kitty’s wardrobe.

Cat Dresses:

Cat dresses coming with frills, lace and other cute elements make your kitty look super-cute and adorable. Cat dresses themed in Victorian-era style are simply superb and are ideal for evening parties.

Cat bow and ties:

Cat accessories like bows, tie and hats makes your cat the center of attraction. But always not to tie something too tight around the neck of the cat.

Key aspects to consider before dressing up your cat:

Check with the mood:

Before grooming up your kitty always check with her mood. Some common signals that display that your cat is not comfortable are tale twitching or ignoring you. In such situations, gently stroke your cat and give her some treats to bring up positive emotions.

Push in the cats head first:

When dressing up your kitty always remember to pass in the cats headfirst through the dress. Pause for a while and ensure the clothing does not stuck around the neck area or cause suffocation to your kitty. Else, your lovely kitty will give you temperament no less than an untamed wild cat. When you are done with the neck area, gently push in the cat’s front paws and legs through the sleeves.

Always reward your Kitty:

Always ensure you are rewarding your kitty with something after every grooming session. This practice will entice and foster your kitty to be patient during the grooming session.


Cat grooming sessions can help you build a good bonding between you and your pet. Again, cat clothes are a basic necessity apart from creating a fashion statement, especially in chilling weather conditions. Again, always ensure your pet is in a superb mood and never force your cat wear cute clothing as it will intimidate or annoy them.

The cat clothing is not just limited to sweaters but an entire range of fashion world is available at your doorstep. You can explore the whole online market or shop at your favorite pet store to give your cat an adorable look!

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