Among strong dog breeds, pit bulls are by far the most popular pets in America. However, they’re a unique breed that requires special care and attention. While many of the stereotypes are untrue and unfair, pit bulls are strong, powerful, energetic, and tenacious dogs. Therefore, it’s essential to use the right tools to keep your dog comfortable, happy, and under control. Investing in the best products for the job will make your life as a dog owner go much more smoothly.

It all begins with the collar. Your pit bull will be wearing their collar 24 hours a day for as many years as they’re alive. Getting the wrong one can cause significant discomfort and potential behavioral problems. Pitt bulls, in particular, have a unique body shape and personality which makes the collar more important than it may be for other breeds.

If you have no idea where to start then read on for dog collar recommendations for pit bulls.

What to Look for in a Pit Bull Collar

There are so many collars on the market so before we get to recommendations, it’s important to understand what qualities you’re looking for in a pit bull collar. By understanding the principles, you’ll be able to choose a more suitable product. The three traits you need to look for are strength, comfort, and width. So look for collars with the following properties:


As powerful dogs with high energy levels, pit bulls will tear through a weak collar in no time. You’ll need to find something that can really take a beating and hold its own. For this, consider materials. It may be tempting to go for a metal collar or a chain. While this is certainly strong, it can be dangerous and potentially choke your beloved pet. At the other end of the scale, there are cloth collars or bandanas. Clearly, these are too weak and a pit bull will destroy theirs in no time.

You could go for a nylon collar, which is likely the cheapest and most readily available option. This can provide some strength but only if you opt for the highest quality, most top of the range product you can find. The ideal material when it comes to strength is leather. While offering a high level of comfort, leather is robust and long-lasting. You might be shocked by the cost of a leather collar but remember that it will last a long time. If you opt for nylon, you could end up replacing it so often that you actually end up spending more.

The second thing to consider with regards to strength is the collar fastening. Many collars come with plastic buckles that snap together. For smaller or more docile dogs, this is fine. However, a pit bull may be able to force their way out of a cheap plastic buckle-fastened collar or break it altogether. Instead, try to find a metal buckle that straps on securely. A leather collar with a metal fastening is the absolute best option for a powerful pit bull.


To avoid behavioral problems, you should ensure that your pit bull is as comfortable as possible. This will mean they’re relaxed rather than anxious and agitated. Try to find a pit bull collar which has a soft inner material and preferably some padding. You’ll probably have to shop around and see how your dog responds to different collars. Do they run away when you try and put it on or do they sit patiently? Your dog’s response is the clearest sign of whether the collar is comfortable.

Once again, leather comes out on top for comfort, although not all brands are the same. By using a strap and a metal buckle, you should have plenty of flexibility in terms of tightness and can adjust the collar to fit snugly and comfortably. Collars that snap together may not be as easy to tighten to the right place.


Pit bulls have a thick neck and therefore require a thicker collar. Don’t end up putting a thin weedy collar on your pup that would better suit a chihuahua! A good two-inch thick collar is usually the most comfortable for a pit bull while giving the most control to the owner. In terms of length, measure the circumference of your dog’s neck and add 5 or 6 inches. A pit bull with a 16-inch neck would require a 21 to 22-inch collar.

With that in mind, here are some dog collar recommendations for pit bulls.

For Everyday: Padded Leather Collar

On a daily basis, comfort is key. If you have the money, invest in a wide, thick, padded leather collar. The top ones on the market include:

  • Bestia Maximus Genuine Leather Collar
  • Soft Touch Collars Luxury Real Leather
  • Beirui Leather Dog Collar

For Those on a Budget: High Tech Nylon Collar

Not everyone can afford a top of the range leather collar. In that case, you may be able to find an adequate nylon collar that does the job just as well. Just make sure you opt for something really robust, such as:

  • OneTigris Military Dog Collar
  • Bully’s Heavy Duty Nylon and Steel
  • Miles Tactical K9 Cobra Dog Collar

For Excitable Pit Bulls in the Street: Harness

When out on walks, you might want extra control over your dog. In which case, consider a harness. This adds stability and comfort to ensure your pup behaves. Here are a few of the best:

  • KurgoTru-Fit Smart Dog Harness
  • 2 Hounds Design Freedom No Pull Dog Harness
  • RUFFWEAR Front Range Harness

You should now have a good idea of how to go about selecting the right collar for your pit bull. Doing online research is the first step but remember that every dog is different. You may have to try out a few different products and see which your pit bull responds to the best. These are just a few dog collar recommendations for pit bulls but the right one depends on your dog’s body shape and personality. Once you get it right, you’ll keep your dog happy, comfortable, and free from behavioral problems.

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