Cats spend a whopping amount of time sleeping. It does not necessarily mean the felines sleep like logs. But the felines could be found dozing most of the time with one eye open- as it has the instincts of a predator. Nevertheless, of whether the cat sleeps mindfully or not, but it is vital to choose a proper cat bed for your kitty to ensure its sleeping posture is proper.

There are a wide variety of cat beds available in the market such as plush, cuddlers, cat caves, elevated ones and hammocks. Again, cats are very choosy and it’s not for sure whether the kitty will admire your choice.

Tips to consider before buying cat beds:


The size plus the breed of your kitty plays a vital role in selecting the cat bed. The felines have the habit of circling, twisting and turning until it finds a comfortable position for sleeping. An ideal cat bed would be one that allows your kitty to stretch and move around comfortably while sleeping. Hence, it is always a good idea to buy a little bigger bed for your feline in comparison to its size. It is ideal for measuring your kitty’s width and length in order to know what approximate bed size you need. Again, the felines are fond of comfortable and cozy places. So, if you buy an overwhelming large cat bed, he may never snuggle in.

In case you want a hammock bed for your cat, gets an estimate of the weight in order to ensure maximum safety.

Right Material:

Choosing the right material is essential if you want your kitty to love the cat bed. Although there are dozens of materials to choose from, such as fabric, mesh but it is a better option to go for the natural ones. Always prefer a cat bed and other essentials made out of natural fabric.

The idea behind choosing cat beds made out of natural fabric is because they are breathable and prevent the accumulation of moisture. It further avoids mold formation and reduces odor. Amongst the cat beds made out of natural fabric, the woollen, cotton and linen top the list. It is recommended to wash your cat’s clothing weekly to avoid allergen, flees, odor and hairs.


Cats are comfort-loving creatures and love those cozy and warm spots in home. The marketers have realised the potential of feline industry and have started selling self-warming beds and mats. Again, there are some materials with a natural ability to trap the Kitty’s self-body heat and keep her warm. Cave-shaped beds are a popular example catering to such essentials.

Furthermore, there are other cat beds that use electricity or rechargeable battery to heat up the bed. But one needs to be very careful and check for the safety regulations. If you want a natural resort to self-warming beds for your kitty, then cave-shaped beds are the best. It is a great idea to think about the warmth factor of cat’s bed. Beds that keep your kitty warm are essential as the feline is a warmth loving creature. Again, kittens and senior cats could suffer from arthritis when not provided with proper warmth.

Smells Right:

Cats are more likely to reject beds that are smelly. So, never buy a cat bed from a warehouse or discount store as it has passed through a lot number of stores.

Other factors:

Placement of bed:

Most of the feline have their favorite spot in a room that could be a window from where they can get enough warmth and scenic views. Hence, such proper placement of bed could give them comfort and happiness.

Introduction to new bed:

Unlike humans, the felines are scared of anything new, no matter is it a new bed or toy. Hence, before introducing or gifting your kitty with a new bed, place a favorite treat or toy of your cat near the bed to allure her to be comfortable with the bed.

Color Combo:

It is wise enough to choose a cat bed that matches with the color of the fur of the cat. The reason being, the felines quite often shed off the fur, just like normal fury animals. And, choosing it will avoid some visible loose hairs on the cat bed.


Cat bed is a mandatory asset for your kitty as it spends most of the time napping. Making a right choice of cat bed will help you make your cat feel comfortable and cosy while taking a nap and on top o that, sleeping in a right posture.

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