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Find the Best Cat Litter Solution for Your Favorite Cat

If you don’t have any idea regarding the cat possession or any of its elements, you need to decide now the most effective cat litter for your recently purchased cat. Many people who have not taken this step have endured and suffered long trails. Therefore, all you need to do is walk to your nearby cat shops or even visit the online cat stores and access the products to recognize wherever you begin.

Now, there are many products that can be categorized for your convenience, these are clumping, non-clumping, or scoop able, non- scoop able, odor dominant or non- odor dominant, scented or non- scented, diagnostic or non-diagnostic, natural ingredients or non-natural ingredients, high bulk density or low bulk density, coarse pellets or fine pellets.

In short, there is variable number of options that distinguishes between the above products. Also, these products absorb the cat’s body waste and the extent of absorption factor according to the products and its usage. The final variance between these products is unit volume or value per unit of the product.

best cat litter solution

What is the meaning of these categories?

Clumping or scoop suggests that wherever the cat urinates within the litter the wetted particles can adhere along to create a clump or lump. The lump will currently be scooped from the dry cat litter and be done by hand or any additional products. In order to find good product, you need to be firm and break apart when allowed to free fall from height of about 12 inches.

Products that will odour controlling have an ingredient that will destroy bacteria producing odor where many products are used to make the odor by using scented ingredient.

Diagnostic kind litter is a recent development in the world of cat and is available in some products. These products try to offer early warning of urolithiasis that is typically accompanied by bacteria infection in the cat. Also, due to natural difficulties of operation involving the organs, the results don’t seem to be constructive. Besides the process is typically expensive and involves color change of the product that inflicts the clump and changes its colour to another planned colour.

Aspects that help you choose the right cat litter

No one likes the smell dirty litter, not so your kitten and you cannot think of yourself if you were in an unclean litter box. Same as kitten, they have some particular preference about the cat litter. Cats are one among the hygienic animals in the world and they don’t like the smell of litters. No wonder at least 90% of kittens stop using reliably at some point of time. There can be behavioral or medical reasons for the problems. Hence, not using the box is often traced to nothing more than dirty litters. In this article you can see some of the notes that will help you on how to avoid bad odour and keep your house smelling fresh. By maintaining few regulations, you can your kitten will be happy for long terms.

Keep your cat litter box clean and fresh

If you want to keep your place fresh and clean, you need to keep your cat box clean. One way to do that is through constant cleaning it. You can scoop the box out at least twice a day removing all the liquid and solid clump in case you’re using clumping litter. If you’re not using clumping litter, you can use solid and large metal spoon to lift out the most urine soaked areas each time you clean.

Even you can add the amount as required and remove the spoil areas. Also, you can add 2-3 inches litter in the box as cat doesn’t like them and wash the box weekly. You can also wash after a week in case you’re using clumping litter. One way is to use mild bleach, unscented dish detergent spray to reduce the smell.

Scattered litters for kittens

Some cat litters might be made from additives or scented material that claim to help cover litter smell. But to a cat this smell gets overwhelming and makes the box welcoming. Usually cats don’t like scented material so you need to take advice from vets whether to use or not use scented material as it might be harmful for your kitten. However, it can be said that clumping litters can help removal of liquid and solids that keeps the box clean.

Use user-friendly cat litter box

Cats are one of the choosey animals and they do not want to step or dig in already solid areas. In such cases, you can cut down one side of a large plastic storage tub to get a large box. This lets you to avoid cover boxes since most cats don’t like it. They can trap odour inside the box that might be horrible and you can make their path easy when they dig.

Select a perfect location

You need to choose the right location to place your cat litter box if you have a kitten at home. Always make sure to place it in low traffic and silent areas so that they can easily use the box. However, do not put the box in small enclosed area like a tiny bathroom and use something like a well ventilated or huge location for your kittens.


If you own a kitten you should take the responsibility to keep it clean and healthy. Thus before choosing the right cat litter, make sure it suites from every spheres and needs of your kitten.

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