A torn anterior cruciate ligament in dogs is a common injury. For the injury to heal, the torn or damaged CCL needs plenty of rest and immobilization. While some owners opt for expensive surgery, the other option is a dog knee brace.

A dog knee brace acts as an ACL brace for dogs and provides therapeutic stabilization and support before and after surgery. But it also is helpful in many cases where surgery is unneeded or too expensive.

Immobilization of the dog’s knee and leg reduces pain and inflammation and provides ample support during the healing process. In about 60% of cases, a dog with a damaged ACL will hurt the other knee. By stabilizing the knee with a knee brace, the knee will be immobilized and will balance the dog’s hip and back so further injuries do not happen.

Soft Knee Brace Is Highly Adjustable and Appropriate For All Dogs

The common butterfly design of the brace’s back anchor support of the dog knee brace also provides plenty of support to the lower back and hip to reduce strain from limping. By balancing and stabilizing the rear of the dog, the brace can prevent other injuries.

A typical dog knee brace fits a dog that is at least 19 inches high with a thigh circumference of 9 inches and a chest circumference of 12 inches.

Most dog knee braces are made to fit the knee’s natural angle to prevent hyper-flexing while still allowing it to have limited mobility. It features flexible metal that stays on both sides of the knee. This feature aids in keeping the knee in the natural position and foam padding on the knee provides more cushioned support. The brace allows the dog to move easily and without putting strain on the joint.

The knee brace is designed to be worn all day with comfort. Some owners remove the brace at night so the dog can sleep more comfortably.

Indications for a Dog Knee Brace

Your dog could be a candidate for a knee brace if he has any of these problems or conditions:

  • ACL tear in the knee
  • Strain or sprain of the knee joint
  • Fatigue, instability, or back leg limping
  • Need for support before or after knee operation
  • Arthritis
  • Stabilization of the knee

A knee brace can be a great option for your pet if he has any of the above problems and it is much less expensive than surgery.

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