Dogs of all breeds show immense loyalty towards their owners. These adorable creatures have been part and parcel of the daily lifestyle of the human.

From serving as military dogs to caregivers, the hounds have served as the best companion to humans.

The relationship between dogs and humans had coexisted since centuries when they were first used as hunters. Dogs or hounds are popular due to their advanced senses; they cannot only read facial expressions and smell the potent danger apart from showering love with hugs and cuddles.

But just as we humans fall ill and need care, so do our pets, and hence, we should also pay key attention to the dog’s health.

Basic routine checkup:

Weight Check:

Weight loss or obesity in dogs could also be a cause of illness. Check with the shape of your dogs. In case your dog is obese, reduce the extra treats you offer and the table snacks.

Feed your dog with a balanced diet rich in anti-oxidants, proteins and less fat.

Also, keep in mind the kind of breed your dog belongs to before planning an ideal diet for him/ her. In short, take a professional’s help.

Maintain a regular exercise routine for your dog as it not only keeps him/her fit but also it energizes their mental level and keeps their mind busy.

Coat and skin:

Check for fleas in the dog’s fur, especially near the tail and stomach. For removing fleas, wash your dog’s fur with shampoo and use sprays. Also, check for the cuts and flakes at the root of the fur. Last but not the list if the fur appears matted or pale, it is an indication of a lack of proper nutrients.

Teeth and Gums:

Timely veterinary clean-up of your dog’s mouth is necessary as a part of maintaining dog health. The vets use tooth brushes and toothpastes and other oral gels specially designed for dogs. Again, open up your dog’s mouth to take a look of all the teeth. And in case of tartar build-up take him/her to the vet and avoid prolonged dental issues. Taking initial care of your dog’s oral health could help you avoid huge surgery bills and painful days for your pooch.


Another key aspect that every dog owner should think of is to timely vaccinate their dogs. And avoid taking their dogs out or in the proximity of other dogs as some common diseases in dogs are commutable. Again, once vaccinated it is advised to take your dog out only after 10 days for the vaccination to be successful. Some vaccinations that are ideal for your dog are Distemper, Adenovirus – 2, par influenza, Rabies Vaccination.


The nauseating odor persistent in your dog could be due to the oily skin or yeast and bacterial infections. It is ideal to take the vet’s advice regarding the type of shampoo and additional treatments one should use to combat the odor. Apart from odor, the bacterial infection may result in rashes, loss of hair and scales. At times the hounds can also develop ear infections resulting in a pungent smell coming from the ear. In such cases, cleaning your pup’s ears with disinfectants nubbed in ear buds are ideal.

Coping up with Arthritis:

A phenomenon common in most senior dogs is the arthritis problem making daily mobility difficult and resulting in impounding pain. An ideal solution for it would be to feed your dog with food rich in anti-oxidants. Further, supplement your dog’s food with an optimum dosage of Glucosamine and chondroitin as the elements provide natural lubrication and nourish the dog’s joints. Again, Omega -3 fatty acid enables quick healing and relieves joint pain.

Anxiety Issues:

One common observation in almost every breed of dog is to have anxiety issues. Again, the anxiety level has further aggravated during the pandemic and post-lockdown. One simple way to reduce anxiety level in your pooch to some extent is to buy him dog toys. Depending upon the breed most dog toys available in the market are chewable and entertaining.

Another way to deal with your dog’s anxiety is to leave him in a room for some time while you are busy with your work. Again, once you are free play mindful and high energy level games with your pooch. Dog’s are highly energetic and could drive you nuts if you do not exhaust their energy levels.


Having dogs in your workplace or home make you feel better as these canines are fun to be around with. It is well said, if you want fruits, plant trees and if you want loyalty raise a puppy. But, just as human’s fall sick so do animals and it is one’s obligation to take ultimate care of your pooch just like your child.

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