People love to have a pet bird who can be their close companion. Well, no doubt that everybody looks incredibly cute; still, there are some specific species that are ideal to be domesticated as they have unique socialization characteristics compared to others. It is vital to understand that the species that provide good companionship to humans mostly required some kind of bondings in return.

We have made a list of some bird species that are known to be the most supportive companion for their human flocks –

#1 Parakeet/Budgie

You must have seen a parakeet or budgerigar as a pet in your friend’s or neighbor’s house. The small creatures are considered to be wonderful companions for children or for those who do not have much experience with keeping birds. Being one of the best pet birds, they are incredibly smart, playful, and require less space or have fewer maintenance needs. Just make sure you provide them enough attention and care.

The best part is that budgies might learn words and phrases, and most are content to whistle and sing. These little birds are found in an array of beautiful and attractive colors with an average life expectancy of 12 to 14 years.

#2 Hyacinth Macaw

Commonly called “gentle giants,” hyacinth macaws are extremely sociable and friendly, even after being the largest species amongst all parrots. They love spending time with their owners, especially by playing and cuddling.

However, it can often be a little challenging to provide them proper housing because of their large size. Those who are able to provide them with the necessities are rewarded with a wholesome relationship.

#3 Dove

Dove can also be considered as one of the best pet birds as they are very sweet and gentle when domesticated. Also, you won’t have to face many problems with them when it comes to biting or providing them with the needs. They are easy to train, and you can instantly bond with these feathered friends.

#4 Finch

Finches are ever-popular pet birds. They have somewhat pliable, waxy beaks, so you do not have to worry about being bitten. Also, because of their small size, they do not require much space compared to others.

Well, if you are domesticating them, make sure to consider that these little birds generally pay less attention to humans. Also, they thrive in small flocks, and you can easily watch them for hours, falling in love with them with each passing second.

The Bottom Line –

Having a bird as your companion is a feeling that cannot be expressed. You will find a friend with whom you can play and spend a considerable amount of time.

So if you are thinking of getting a bird for yourself, it is best that you have a look at the list above from where you can choose the ideal species!

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