“The best therapist has fur and four legs ”

It is true when they say looking at and being with furry companions, be it dogs and any other furry animal we tend to love the feeling of it. Having a pet who offers affection towards you and is by your side can be a type of therapy only. Their personality reflects that kind of therapy on a daily basis and can bring tons of joy to your face.

“Did you know that there are over 300 words for love in canine?” – Gabriel Zevin

To embrace that feeling today we will be discussing a breed of dogs called ‘Maltipoo’ who is adorable and has intellectual knowledge at the same time. Maltipoo dogs from the poodle hybrid are getting popular since their existence here which will be about 20-30 years. If you like the intelligent Poodle and the attractive Maltese, this cross is the finest of both breeds.

Origin of Maltipoo Dogs-

Maltipoo dogs are a hybrid from the poodles and the maltese which are the most adorable breeds ever.  If you like the intelligent Poodle and the attractive Maltese, this cross is the finest of both breeds. Since it’s a pure hybrid they are’t a proper breed as a matter of fact and can’t be entered in any registry. Although, from their existence maltipoo puppies have gained owners running behind them.

As we do not know much about the maltipoo dogs history but we do know where they got their cute genes from. The maltese dog originates from the malta and has been here since the royalties era. Whereas, the poodle breed is old but gold in their days because people are still buying it. They have been here since the 15th Century and we will still be counting.

Personality of Maltipoo Dogs-

Maltipoos typically weigh around 10 pounds and have a little scruffy coat, yet it can also be wavy like a Poodle’s coat. They are available in a range of colours, but are most commonly white or cream.

The biggest advantage for the beginners while buying maltipoo pups and taking care of them will be a lot easier as they are hypoallergenic in nature. Sometimes people have pet allergies more like a fear they can’t stand when they see a pet but it isn’t the case with maltipoo dogs. They are super friendly and will make a great addition to any family they go into.

Although, there have been scenarios where maltipoo dogs have shown an unexpected behavior which doesn’t sound like their personality at all. Most of the time it is always non-stop barking, stressful moods, and they reject your talking. It can all be smoothened if your dog takes proper training.

It is friendly, gentle, and gets along well with children and other pets. Their tiny stature and low-shedding coat, which it inherited from both parents, make it ideal for apartment life, but its incessant barking may cause problems amongst neighbours. The Maltipoo possesses the recognised intelligence of the Poodle and is calm enough to be easily trained. It is frequently recommended as an excellent choice for inexperienced dog owners since it is unlikely to question the owner’s authority.

Training of Maltipoo Dogs-

As mentioned above, maltipoo dogs are dogs who entail beauty with brains. It is said in general that maltipoo dogs are extremely intelligent and training them shouldn’t be a hard task.

Although, the training also depends on the type of maltipoo dog and the excitement your dog might have. Sometimes it is also important to caress your dog in their barking behavior because they bark incessantly on things they shouldn’t bark at.

Training with a technique called ‘Positive Reinforcement’ along with patience can teach them a lot of good lessons about their daily life and how to control their barks at unexpected moments.

Health of Maltipoo Dogs-

While purchasing any pet or maltipoo dog, their health should be on the top priority because we don’t want them to suffer from anything. Maltipoos have a lifetime of 10-15 years. Many things influence this, including food, exercise habits, and general health. It is essential to follow a proper diet and exercise regimen. Wolfhounds have short lives, but Pomeranians live considerably longer.

However, we don’t have enough data to pinpoint the primary cause of mortality in maltipoos, we can make some educated guesses. Let’s start with the most prevalent reasons for mortality in mixed-breeds: musculoskeletal illness, cancer, and trauma.

We may also look at the causes of the Poodle and Maltese. Neurological, trauma, and cancer are the leading causes of mortality in toy poodles. Cardiovascular, congenital, and cancer are the most common diseases among Maltese.

There are known health issues which comes along with maltipoo dogs-

  • There’s a syndrome known as white shaker’s syndrome which can be seen in white dogs from a genetic perspective. Since, maltipoo dogs are a hybrid from the poodle and the maltese it’s advised to check the health of both the pup and parents.
  • As maltipoo dogs are small they can easily have patellar luxation or incorrect formation of knee joints. It may not be visible once they are small but is clearly visible when they grow. This health issue can be tackled with surgery and medication. Although, Maltipoo dogs can be fully healthy if treated with a balanced diet, exercise and lots of love.

Food and Exercise Requirements for Maltipoo Dogs-

As maltipoo dogs are not counted as pedigree dogs. However, when thinking of how to feed a maltipoo dog it’s important to consider what type and how much food you are offering them.

A healthy diet for a maltipoo dog comes from a combination of wet and dry foods. It is mandatory for your maltipoo to have 2 meals everyday. Although, when it comes to the portions it should be according to the food type because it can affect their health too. If you are getting into a confusion regarding the food requirements you can seek professional help by contacting your vet or pet advice consultant.

It is preferred for maltipoo dogs to have both dry and wet foods. Eating only one of the categories can ruin their health such as only having dry food or wet food can make their stomach runny or upset.

With food, maltipoo also needs some exercise also to burn those calories down too. Maltipoo dogs are the dogs who don’t need big spaces to live in just lots of love. To make them exercise you can them on a walk or give them plushies, toys which they can play fetching with.

Did You Know ?

Apart from knowing that maltipoo dogs are extremely cute and intelligent, they also come bearing with some fun facts-

  • Since Maltipoo dogs are bred from the poodle and maltese. Poodles have been here since 6000.BC and were loved by all. They were kept as pets since the era

of queen elizabeth and were treated like a royal too.

  • Maltipoos are first and foremost companion dogs that should be kept at home. They are too little and fragile to live outside.
  • Since maltipoo dogs have confirmed their presence it has gained popularity in celebrities too. For instance, Hollywood celeb Ashley Tsidale has two maltipoo pups named Ziggy and sushi. Bollywood sensation Shahrukh Khan also has two maltese pups named Kai and josy. ery moment.
  • With their sweet, sensitive demeanour,they may make excellent therapy dogs.
  • Maltipoo are so cute that we can’t resist but to capture them at the very moment. Nowadays, whoever has a maltipoo dog has a social media account too. Sometimes, while buying a maltipoo this thought is also considered by the potential buyers.
  • Maltipoo dog breeds  are ideally suited to households with older children who will handle them cautiously due to their small size.
  • Maltipoo is the common name for the breed coming from the poodle and the maltese. However in certain parts of the world it is spelled differently such as Maltepoo or Malt- a -poo.


Now that you have gained the basic knowledge about maltipoo dogs by reading this article it shouldn’t be hard for you to make a decision. Furthermore, if you are confused about having them or not, in the end it will depend on you.

When acquiring a Maltipoo from a breeder’s website, the price might range between $1,500 and $4,000. The price range is so wide because of factors such as coat colour, health warranty, geographic area, and breeder reputation.

Apart from coming at a high cost, maltipoo dogs can be a great addition to your family especially if it’s your first time. Maltipoo dogs are like a living soft toy in your house. Just imagine how wonderful it will be to have one. As you now know how to identify a purebred this information might also help you in making your purchasing decision.

Would like to conclude this post with this well-known quote:

“Dogs are our link to paradise. They don’t know evil or jealousy or discontent. To sit with a dog on a hillside on a glorious afternoon is to be back in Eden, where doing nothing was not boring — it was peace.” – Milan Kundera

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