Our feline pals are often full of charming antics and quirks. If you’re a cat owner, you perfectly understand what I’m saying. Your kitty will always do something to make you smile, annoy you, or leave you puzzled.  It’s no wonder that cats are the second most popular pets in the U.S. after dogs.

In this post, we explore the various oddities and eccentricities that make cats so lovable, and some of their bizarre habits that have hidden meanings you need to decode.

Small box obsession

Cats love boxes. Your feline pal will have a nice and fluffy luxury cat bed but still choose to chill in a small box.


This obsession can be attributed to various factors including their natural behavior and instincts. But the most common explanation for this weird behavior is safety.

Cats tend to feel more secure in small spaces. Boxes offer a safe hiding spot where they can observe their surroundings without being seen.

Additionally, your cat will seek out small, enclosed spaces, when they feel stressed or anxious. The small spaces offer refuge where they can feel safe and secure, bringing down their stress levels.

Whatever the reason, seeing your cat chilling in or playing with boxes is fun. And seeing several of your cats trying to get into the same small box? Hilarious.

So, next time you see your cat’s adorable face sticking out of a small box in the corner of your room, sit back and enjoy the show.


Kneading is a cat behavior that starts from kittenhood when kittens knead their mother’s belly to stimulate milk flow. However, they may continue with this behavior throughout their life, this time, kneading on humans.

To your cat, kneading is a soothing and pleasant feeling. When they do this, they release their scent from glands in the pads of their paws and transfer it to you. It’s like they’re putting a mark on you such that they’ll always recognize you.

Kneading helps your cat feel more secure in their environment.

Kneading is also a way your cat tries to bond with you. It shows the love and affection your feline pal has for you.

Often, when a cat kneads, it purrs and appears relaxed. Humans interpret this as a sign of contentment and happiness. And when your favorite pet is happy, you’re happy, right?

Showing you their backside

When your cat decides to sleep with his backside facing you, please don’t be miffed. Your feline friend is not being rude, it’s a sign they trust you.

Cats are naturally vigilant creatures. Even when they are resting, they’re still attuned to their environment.

So when they choose to rest their back towards you, it only means they feel safe and don’t perceive you as a threat. If they’re sleeping, they know you’re watching their back.

Long stare

Have you ever seen your cat stare at you, through the window or seemingly fixated on something you can’t even see? Well, this is a common behavior depicted by our feline pals.

But why do they stare at things you can’t even see for extended periods?

First, cats are natural hunters. Therefore, when they stare, they may be focusing intently on something like a toy or bug, as if they are preparing to pounce. This behavior is entertaining to watch and also reminds you of the cat’s innate hunting skills.

Second, our feline pals are often curious. Therefore, new sights, sounds, and smells in their environment will often intrigue them. They may stare at things to understand or investigate something unfamiliar to them.

Cats are also very alert animals. Their staring can be a sign that they are vigilant and aware of their surroundings. For instance, they may be watching for any potential threats or changes in their environment, a behavior that more humans could do more of.

The fact that your cat stares at things that are invisible or insignificant to you makes your feline pal quirky and cute. What’s more, watching your cat stare at “nothing” is simply entertaining and amusing.

The night “zoomies”

Cats often experience sudden bursts of energy. This mostly happens at night because the feline species are crepuscular. It’s something they inherit from their wild ancestors who hunted at night.

This explains why your cat suddenly gets active when everyone else is getting ready for sleep. Kittens especially, have a lot of pent-up energy. And in one way or another, they need to release this energy—they do this through zoomies, in a burst of activity.

In some cases, zoomies can be a way for your feline pal to relieve stress or anxiety. The burst of activity helps them release tension and feel more relaxed.

Zoomies can be a sign that your cat is happy and comfortable in its environment which is rewarding to see. However, if this disturbs your slumber, exercise your cat during the day to release the excess energy.

You don’t exist

Cats can really ignore you. And if you’re new to kitty parenting, you’ll be surprised by this weird behavior.

Some cats are naturally more independent and aloof—others are more affectionate and seek attention. Therefore, your cat’s personality will determine how much attention they pay to you.

Additionally, cats have moods and preferences, just like humans. Therefore, your cat may choose to ignore you if they’re feeling stressed, tired, or simply not in the mood for interaction.

If this happens, give your feline pal some time alone—they’ll eventually come back for cuddles and scratches.

But why does this behavior make cats so lovable?

When a cat chooses to show affection and attention, it feels more special because it’s on their terms. The moments of connection and affection from a cat that typically ignores you can be incredibly rewarding and heartwarming. This makes the bond between you and your cat even more special.

Drinking water from a running faucet

If you watch closely, your cat likes quenching their thirst from a running faucet. It seems this water tastes better.

Stagnant water doesn’t compare to the freshness of running water. Wild cats also prefer running water due to its lower likelihood of contamination. This explains why despite keeping your cat’s water bowl clean and changing the water often, your feline pal will still hop on the sink for a sip. Some cats go as far as learning how to turn on the faucet!

This antic can be entertaining and endearing for humans to witness. It shows your cat’s intelligence and adaptability as they know that running water is fresh and potentially safer to drink.

To cope with the behavior, consider buying a cat drinking fountain to keep fresh water flowing for your feline pal. This will encourage them to drink more water and remain hydrated.

Final thoughts

What crazy antic makes you love your cat more? We know the list above is not exhaustive, but many cat owners will experience some or all of these quirks.

A piece of advice: Know and understand your cat’s behaviors and respond if needed. For instance, if your cat is calling for attention, give it to them.

Also, some cat behaviors can cause legal issues, especially if they cause harm or damage. For instance, excessive meowing, especially at night can lead to noise complaints from neighbors. Therefore, seek legal advice on dealing with such issues.

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