You’ve probably heard rat extermination is a difficult process to implement, but did you know that it’s not just the rats themselves you have to worry about? Rats come with their own ecosystem of pests and parasites, including fleas and ticks. And these pests can cause a whole host of health problems for humans—especially when they’re inside your home!

Below we’ve put together our top Do’s and Don’ts of rat extermination: so you can make sure that your rat problem gets taken care of once and for all.


1) Make sure you have all of your materials on hand before you start the extermination process. This includes rat traps, poison, and a vacuum cleaner.

2) Use bait traps rather than poison. The poison can be harmful if ingested by humans or pets and could cause an allergic reaction. If you use bait traps, then there won’t be any risk of exposure to people or animals.

3) Make sure the rats are gone for good by trapping them in a humane way and releasing them far away from your home.

4) Stay alert for signs of new infestations by paying attention to potential hiding places like garages and attics.

5) Hire an exterminator if you suspect you have an infestation problem.


1) Don’t use chemicals around children or pets: Chemicals like rat poisons and rodenticides can be dangerous if they come into contact with people (especially children) or pets who might ingest them by accident while playing around with trash cans or other containers where these substances are stored improperly.

2) If possible try not to use harmful chemicals such as bleach or ammonia when cleaning up after an infestation because these chemicals can be harmful if inhaled by humans or animals (especially cats!) while cleaning up after an infestation of rats in your home or office building

3) Don’t use glue traps: Glue traps can be dangerous for both humans and animals, because they can entangle a person or animal in the trap, causing injury or death.


Rats may be small, but they can quickly get out of control, and their bites are quite painful. So you’ll want to keep them under control as much as possible. While rat extermination is a process that takes time, patience and attention to detail, we’ve hopefully provided you with some helpful information in this guide.

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