Human and animals consists largely need to modify their behavior. When it comes to cat you need to do the same through practical training and exercising. There needs to be an association in order to feel good with your pets and generally speaking, a household cat can learn what is is that they are not allowed to do. In terms of cat, it can be easy to keep their training at certain and specific level.

When it comes to coexisting and well behaved cats, they disapprove of behaviours which can be conveyed through tone of voice. A little reinforcement either negatively or positively can help things go along.

Some excellent cat training tips

Many people are in their theoretical mindset that it is impossible to train a cat. However, even if may be quite difficult to train a cat than a dog, this doesn’t mean it is impossible. Cats are known to be one of the independent creatures but with the right motivation and attitude you can train your cat well. Here are some cat training tips that might help you get your pet ready to obey your voice.

Now, it is crucial that you don’t ever punish your cat. This makes it a total waste of time and they are actually not going to understand why you are doing it. These punishments can as such bring confusion and might hinder in the training process. So, instead of actually punishing bad behavior, it is good if you reward good behavior. If you see your cat doing something that they should be doing, you need to present them with a reward immediately. This reward can be anything starting from an item to play or small edible treat.

To speak, cats generally like to remain on schedule and as such they make sure that you feed them exactly the same time every single day or take half an hour. Also, try to ensure that the environment in which they live stays very similar and if you do anything different, and then keep an eye on your cat. Make sure this doesn’t affect them otherwise stress will end up causing bad behavior. This is something you might not be starting to expect or would want to avoid.

How to give Cat a proper training

Most of the cats do not require too many guidance or instructions. Even if cat care and cat health is necessary, you cannot escape this responsibility. Some behaviours are good to teach since they are good for cat safety and health. Training a cat at any time is easy because only 10%-20% cats need more intensive approach.

To speak in general, most people know that a kitty is a savvy trainer himself and so he doesn’t require much training. However you need to apply your training techniques to make sure they grasp and learn well.

Cardinal rules of training a kitten

Incentives work better than deterrents and so you can use your pet natural preference to induce to reach the desired goal. Better you don’t restrict rather accommodate. One of the crucial factors is the relationship of trust that you need to generate with your pet. Make sure it doesn’t get impaired and so let training sessions ideally make the human feline relationship more strong.

Consult your vets to know the cause of any behavioral problems associated with your cat.

Toilet training for cat

Start by moving the cat’s present litter box from wherever it is to the toilet. Make sure he knows where he put it. Then heighten the litter box by putting a stack of cardboard box or newspaper. Get the level of the litter box to the height of the toilet seat. Then your cat will step into the box and begin to jump until he jumps on the toilet seat. Keep the lip up and seat down so that it becomes easy for the cat to tromp on the open toilet.

Using a cat flaps or cat door

It is not very good idea for your kitten to roam around in the neighborhood and you can use a cat flap or door to restrict your kitty from moving in the neighborhood.

Cat walking on a lead

Train your cat to walk with a leash. The leash should be comfortable and light weight and you can leave the leash near the kitty’s sleeping place to let him get accustomed to its appearance. Thereafter, you can wait till the lunch time and put the harness around. Immediately feed him by praising him with his favourite food. Let him wear the harness for a while and if it bothers him, you can distract him by playing with his fab toy.

When he gets accustomed to the harness, you can remove it and everytime you feed hi, repeat this same activity. Next, attach the leash to the harness and let your cat move around the house with it. Praise him for being a good cat and repeat this till he accept the leash.


You need to read the tactics carefully and follow the tid bits mentioned above if you want to train your cat through easy and practical approaches. This is a must to do activity and once you are done, you’ll see your cat seeking you and bending with good relationship with one another.

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