Fishes are lovely and peaceful creatures that live happily if a proper environment is provided to them.

Routine clean-up of an aquarium is essential for maintaining sound fish health.

Although, the fish tanks need clean up monthly or once in a two-month depending upon the size of the aquarium. But still, it may sound like a tedious task for the new owners.

Given below are some tips that will guide you regarding how to maintain an aquarium.

Condition your water properly:

The tap water contains many traces of minerals and added Chlorine, making the water unsuitable for the pet fishes.

When you are setting up an aquarium or refilling it, allow the tap water to settle down for one day.

It will help the Chlorine in the water to evaporate, and now the water becomes suitable for your pet fishes.

Remove Algae:

In order to ensure a clear vision of the fish tank, it is essential to remove the algae from the sides of the water tank.

One can use the algae scraper to remove the tough algae spots in the tank walls. Again, clean the lid or top of the aquarium by rinsing it using a toothbrush in the sink.

Excess algae built up reduces the level of oxygen in the water tank.

Avoid over-feeding:

Over-feeding of fishes could be detrimental. It could weaken the fish health apart from that extra amount of fish poop and debris in the tank.

It could also be a reason behind excess algae growth in an aquarium and lowering Oxygen levels.

Over-feeding of fishes could also be a reason behind the depletion of water quality, poor fish health, and the need for regular aquarium clean-up.

Choose compatible fish species:

Fishes are calm creatures and co-exist together when adequate food, space, and other essentials are present.

Depending upon the size of the tank, you can keep multiple species of fishes together. However, some pet fishes are aggressive when it comes to food and their territories and may attack other fishes.

Some pet fishes also breed fast and multiply in number in a short span of time. It makes the tank overcrowded and messy. Hence do proper research on fishes or take the help of experts.

Trim the plants:

It is advised to trim the overgrown foliage and remove dry leaves from the aquarium.

In case your aquarium has too much Vallisneria spreading, pull it off and replant it elsewhere. Again, remove the excess of floating plants that have overgrown as it reduces the Oxygen level in the water and reduces visibility.

Clean the Filter:

The water filters act as a trash can accumulating fish poop, detritus, and other wastes. In a way, it helps to keep the aquarium clean.

But you need to be aware that the filters can accumulate waste up to a limit and needs cleaning at least once a month.

In case the water filters are not cleaned for too long, it could lead to clogging of filters, and the wastes could overflow. Again, never use soap water to clean the aquarium filters; just swish it in a bucket of old tank water.

Refill the water:

When you are refilling the water in the aquarium, ensure the tap water’s temperature matches the tank water. The best way to check is to keep your hand underneath the tap water faucet.

Once you are sure there is the same amount of warmth in the tap water, allow it to mix with the remaining aquarium water.

While cleaning the aquarium, we do not remove the entire tank water, but half of it, and the rest is filled with tap water. Now you can add DE chlorinator (doses based on aquarium’s volume).

Change the water regularly:

As per experts’ tips, it is ideal for cleaning 25% of the aquarium’s water on a monthly basis.

It will keep the tank water free from nitrates and phosphates concentration formed from excreta and food waste.

Such high amounts of phosphates and nitrate concentrations in water can lead to serious diseases in your fish. In short, timely clean-up of the tank helps maintain fish health.

Turn off equipment:

It is vital to turn off the aquarium heaters and filters before removing any water from the tank. The equipment is not meant to be run in dry air and could get damaged if done so.


Aquariums or fish tanks add beauty to any home. It brings in positive vibes and keeps everyone hooked to it. It is lovely to see these beautiful creatures glide effortlessly in the water.

Especially when toddlers in home fishes are the best pets; it keeps them entertained and can hardly harm the little ones.

On the other end, timely maintenances of your aquarium are essential for the sound health of these creatures and keep them lively.

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