While we see our pups as little energy critters, we have to keep it this way as they age. Keeping them healthy will help them live an active lifestyle in their older years. There are numerous methods to give them a clean bill of health. Here are some tips to keep your dog healthy.

Keep Him on a Vaccination Schedule

One of the ways to get an immunity boost for dogs is to keep them on a reliable vaccination schedule. From a pup to their older age, they need different shots to help prevent fatally from rabies, parvo, and other diseases.

After the first six weeks, your pup gets a shot. They’ll get one every few weeks until they’re about four months old. When your puppy becomes an adult, they’ll need to get revaccinated at least every two years or so. Create a calendar with your veterinarian so you can keep out for important shot dates.

When your dog has the right shots, it’ll help them build a better immune system against diseases and common illnesses that can become deadly.

Give Your Dog More Exercise

Not only does it keep your dog healthy, but it’s a good measure, so your home stays intact. When you neglect to stimulate your dog physically and mentally, it’ll take it out on you or your home. That destructive behavior may be due to stress or just unreleased energy.

Taking your dog for regular walks can strengthen its body and prevent it from getting overweight. Depending on the breed, exercise time varies. Don’t forget to incorporate some playful activities to keep things interesting.

A dog toy can help you keep his cognitive functions sharp. When you combine both mind and body exercises, your dog can stay healthy for the long term.

Regular Grooming

Grooming not only helps keep the skin moisturized, but it can see the condition of your dog. If you notice your dog’s fur shedding constantly, it may be an internal or external problem.

Also, grooming helps you see any rashes on the skin that may come from fleas or mites. When you identify these issues early, it can help prevent life-threatening problems from occurring

Grooming also creates a healthy bond between you and your dog. Your dog will become more comfortable with trusting you to take care of him.

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