This year didn’t start as we planned it to be. With the novel coronavirus hitting us like anything, all the plans we had for this year went down the drain. Staying quarantine for most of the year, was not only depressing but it was exhausting as well. Social distancing, I believe, was the hardest part of it all. This year has been all about keeping yourself safe. Who knew it what was coming this year. I remember saying a warm welcome by firing firecrackers up in the sky, to this year. I never knew it would be the worst year of my whole life.

Sanitizers, masks and maintaining a distance of 6 feet, this year left us to mind boggled and depressed. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to forget this year. Apart from keeping ourselves safe, we had to keep our pets safe as well. Being unable to take our dogs out for a walk or to the grooming centre, we had to do everything ourselves. Also, not to mention all veterinarian centres closed. Just like us pets, also develop patterns of anxiety and depression. But there are ways you can prevent this and keep your pet healthy and happy.

This blog contains some simple tips and tricks that will help you take care of our pet in a healthy way during a pandemic. If you don’t have a pet, then I suggest you get one to keep your self-entertained and busy during this pandemic. Avail Northern Parrots Discount codes, to purchase parrots in reduced prices.

Pet Care Tips

1) Always Wash your Hands before Petting Them

Although coronavirus doesn’t spread through animals, it’s fruitful to follow basic hygiene practices. You don’t want to be taking risks. Make sure to wash your hands properly before coming in contact with your pets, their food supplies or any other thing that belongs to them. This pet care tip needs to be followed.

2) Groom them yourself

Your pets require regular grooming and bathing. Give them baths regularly and trim them yourself. It may be challenging to do that on your own, but with the help of some DIY videos on YouTube, you can do this on your own. Cut their nails as well. These grooming supplies are readily available online and can be purchased easily. Grooming them regularly will prevent them from catching many diseases and keep them germ free, which means less trips to the veterinarian.  Hence, follow this pet care tip to keep them healthy.

3) Take your Dog out for a Walk

Being in quarantine doesn’t mean, you can’t take your dogs out for a walk. There’re, however, some precautions that you must follow. Wash your hands thoroughly before leaving and entering your home. Always maintain social distancing. Don’t let your dog eat anything off the ground. This might trigger debris ingestion. Follow all sop’s while taking your dog out for a walk. Be very careful while touching doorknobs. Some people do this as a part-time job; therefore, it’s crucial for them that they avoid spending too much time in their client’s homes. Moreover, it’s also advisable to use your leash. Sanitize your leash every day and avoid petting or cuddling with your client’s dogs.

Communicate with your clients over the phone. There is no need to engage in face to face conversations. Keep notifying yourself on your client’s health. Ask them if they have any symptoms of mild dry cough or fever. Isolate yourself if you’re experiencing the same symptoms yourself. Ask them if anyone in their home has been exposed to Covid-19. If anyone of them or you have been exposed to Covid-19, then contact your local department to proceed further. Follow this pet care tipto keep your pet healthy and happy.

4) Stock Up

One crucial pet care tip is to stock up on pet supplies, to avoid visiting the store over and over again. Prepare a list of all essential pet supplies. This list should include all necessary medication, food supplies and grooming essentials. Conduct some research on various diseases of the season that they could catch. Heartworms caused by mosquitos are getting quite common these days. Buy a good quality tick control to prevent Lyme disease. It’s always better to be safe than sorry therefore, keep yourself updated on all sorts of diseases and take precautionary measures to keep your pet away from all sorts of illnesses.

5) Play with Them

Your pets tend to get depressed, as well. Therefore, it’s very important to keep them engaged in fun activities. Make use of your backyard  or small garden to set up a small pool and play with them in there. You can also toss some freebies; this will give them a chance to run around freely, keeping them active and healthy. Take your dog out for walks or play with them in the garden. Get your kids involved as well.

This will enable your children to develop responsibilities towards their pets. If you see your pet just laying around, then I suggest you engage them in a fun activity right away. This pet care tip will work wonders for your pet’s health in no time.

Wrapping it All Up

Your pets will require extra care and attention during this quarantine. It’s essential to keep them healthy and happy since due to quarantine, it’s a hassle to take them to a vet. Therefore, I have curated this blog especially, for this reason. Follow these effective pet care tips to keep your pets smiling and happy at all times. If you find this blog useful, then leave us your feedback in the comments section down below.

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