Want to buy a dog? Go ahead. But wait. Before you buy one, make sure you are buying from one of the top dog breeders. Trust me. A quick online search can save you from plenty of troubles later.

Do you live in Florida? I can help you find a reputed dog breeder there. Do you live elsewhere? No problem. The tips I am going to share here in this article are not exclusively for people living in Florida. Most are generic ones. However, I lived in Florida for over 15 years and learned about stuff. So people from Florida, pay extra attention.

Which city you live?

Your city matters. Some cities have more dog breeders than other cities. They also treat customers better than breeders of other cities. If you live in Palm Beach, Pinecrest, Belle Isle, Coral Gables or Longboat Key, understand that it’s buyers’ market there. These are among the richest cities in Florida with the median annual income ranging between $100000 and $200000. Not only are there so many dog breeders, but they sell dogs from exotic breeds.

On the other hand, if you live in a not-so-wealthy city, there are only a handful of top quality dog breeders to meet your requirements.

Your budget

Dog breeders in Florida are not dime a dozen, but not rare either. You can find them. But before going for the hunt, check your budget. Top dog breeders in Florida all charge an enormous amount because their service is first-rated, if you have any budgetary constraint, look for a mid-tier breeder instead.

North meets south

Those who live in North Florida may have to come all the way to South Florida to buy a dog, and likewise. In my experience, top dog breeders in Florida rarely change their location because they don’t want to lose their clients and their kennels are almost always full. I also noticed that unlike mid-tier dog breeders they get plenty of repeat customers. Customers come back to them for advice when their dogs fall sick, show apathy to food, etc.

So if you are from North Florida but purchase a dog from the South, you may have to visit South Florida a few times afterwards. And oh, I forgot to add. When going on a vacation, work related trip or a business tour, you have to board the dog at a kennel. Better it’s the same kennel from where you purchased him, that’d keep him in a good mood. That means you have to visit the breeder’s kennel whenever you are off to somewhere you can’t take the dog with.

Count rescue shelters

Discounting animal rescue shelters would be a huge mistake. It’s been my experience that they often have great dogs, sometimes they put up rescue dogs for auction. It’s common in Florida. I have seen wealthy people buying four-legged furry creatures off of these auctions. You don’t have to buy from an auction, though. Contact a rescue shelter and buy from them. Rest assured you won’t have to pay a large amount for rescue dogs are rarely expensive.

Despite there are so many top dog breeders in Florida, the demand for dog auctions hasn’t waned. Some people, especially wealthy ones like purchasing dogs from auctions.

What about puppy mills?

If you have never heard of a puppy mill before, know these are mass breeding factories. Dogs of various breed are bred with one another. For a normal buyer, it’s a bit tough to get the contact details of a puppy mill. Some still manage to locate one to buy a puppy from there.

Should you buy from a puppy mill too?

Unless you have very good knowledge on dogs, don’t buy from there. They often sell puppies who are not in good health. Naive people are unsuspecting and so they buy from these mills without hesitation. An expert can tell whether a puppy is sick or about its breed. But an ordinary person cannot. So, they should avoid puppy mills.

Responsible dog breeder checklist

One of the differences between the top dog breeders in Florida and mediocre dog breeders is that top breeders act responsibly. Here’s a responsibility checklist. Once you go through the checklist, you’ll get an idea of what makes a dog breeder responsible.

Friends and referrals

Don’t rely on online search alone. Ask your friends and acquaintances for referral. If they refer a dog breeder, chances are he’s worth hiring.

Summing up

Whether you live in Florida or elsewhere, buy a puppy from a top dog breeder. They won’t sell you low-quality sickly puppies. They will talk to you in advance to know your choice and lifestyle. And suggest a dog accordingly.

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