There are several benefits that a cat can enjoy from a cat tree. These peaceful animals tend to sleep more during the day, which is quite normal. Do not, however, mistake their love for sleep for inactivity. Thirty minutes of play can do wonders for your cat. As a cat owner, you need to keep your cat engaged. You could use toys, but unfortunately, cats get easily bored and, in return, reject toys, one after the other. What then can you use to keep your cat lively?

Cat condos and climbing towers come in handy when you cannot seem to get the right toy for your cat. Cats love to aim for the highest points during their play or sleeping time. Therefore, furniture such as condos and towers offer cats a safe ground for either sleeping or playing around. Let’s talk about our subject of discussion-cat trees.

When shopping for cat trees, you will discover that some of them are made of cardboard. Others are made of wood and PVC materials, while some are wrapped in high-quality carpeting with sisal ropes. Even though most of the trees made of cardboard are affordable, they are short-lived. Keep in mind that you will spend more if you need quality. Just like all other products, high-quality cat trees have hefty price tags.

Do not despair if you cannot get one, however. One good thing about cat furniture is that you can quickly build one on your own. All you need are the right materials and a few instructions. You should, therefore, first, weigh your options before going the DIY way. Other important considerations include the size of your pet and your room interior.

You should build something that blends in well with the spacing and arrangement of your house.. As a rule of thumb, small spaces blend in well with vertical furniture, while larger areas allow a variety of design options. You should also consider the age of your pet before you get a cat tree. Older cats are usually less mobile, which calls for a shorter tree with beds. This does not, however, mean that you should underrate your older pet when it comes to hopping and playing around.

You should also find a strategic place of placing your cat tree. I would suggest next to a window. Windows let in light, which guarantees your cat hours on hours of uninterrupted sight and smell, which is crucial in preventing boredom. Your cat can also comfortably sunbathe at the comfort of the windows during warm days.

Most people believe that cat trees only serve as decorations for cat owners, which is not accurate. Cat trees are more than just that. Through these trees, indoor cats get to exercise, which is required for a healthy pet. Cat trees are also essential in homes devoid of natural trees. These trees also offer a scratching surface for your cat, which in return protects your furniture.

What if my cat loves playing outside? Playtime never ends. Cat trees allow you to turn your house into a cat playground. Here are more benefits of cat trees for your cat:

i) Exercise

Cat trees guarantee your cat continuous exercise sessions. Cats, generally differ in behavior and personality. Whereas others are lively and jumpy, others are usually withdrawn and can easily be passed for lazy. The is actually practical for those with more than one cat. You will realize that a fraction of your cats prefer staying indoors while the other part is always looking for exit points to leave the house.

A cat tree, therefore, encourages the withdrawn or inactive cat who loves staying indoors to exercise. You have probably heard the phrase curiosity killed the cat. Be rest assured, therefore, that your cat will want to explore the tree. A cat tree will transform a lazy, reserved cat into a lively, happy pet. Have in mind also that exercising has a lot of health benefits.

Constant exercise makes your cat livelier and free from disease. Just like in humans, exercising improves the body’s immunity, helping it fight off illnesses. Cats are mainly immobile, and therefore, vulnerable to conditions such as obesity. A cat that exercises burns excessive fats, keeping its cholesterol level in check.

ii) Climbing

Cats love to climb. You must have met your kitty pet on your kitchen counter or on top of your closet. A cat tree, therefore, gives your cats a convenient climbing surface, so that your furniture and clothes stay fur-free. You should, however, consider your cat’s climbing habits before settling on a tree. Remember, just like humans; some cats are afraid of heights. If your cat feels insecure in high places, get a shorter tree.

iii) Ownership

Who doesn’t appreciate exclusive and undisturbed possession? Just like humans, cats develop a sense of belonging to their cat trees. They can freely scratch or play on their trees without being shouted at or chased. On the other hand, you will also enjoy exclusive ownership of your furniture, which will stay intact, allowing you to bask in the comfort of your home.

Cats fight a lot, a trend that worsens when they are more than two. Therefore, getting a cat tree for your cats is one of the best ways of instilling peace. As one of you cats rest on a specific part of the tree, the other one makes use of the other part, breeding a win-win situation. Have in mind that cats love comfort. They will always choose comfortable places before they nap. Without a cat tree, your pet will occupy your bed or chair, leaving fur all over. The best thing to do, therefore, is to find a large cat tree with a comfortable resting place for your cats.

iv) Security

Cats feel secure when they climb high surfaces due to an added advantage. They can easily monitor their surroundings from a higher point of view. In the wild, cats climb trees to wait for prey as they hunt or flee from predators. A cat tree offers your cats a place to climb, perch, and monitor the environment. Your cat can also rise as high as possible to avoid confrontation with other cats. If you have more than one furry pet, get them a cat tree.

Cats also prefer higher surfaces to get way form abusers. It is an instinct that never fades away.

v) Cat trees boost cat confidence.

Just like we mentioned, cats differ in personality. While some are fearless and agile, others are shy. Therefore, a cat tree acts as a climbing ground for timid cats to easily monitor their environment without necessarily walking around. Cats hide when they constantly feel threatened. A higher cat tree, complete with a patching ground, can, therefore, act as a good hiding place for such a cat. Your cat can even easily join the family while seated comfortably in her cat tree.

vi) Scratching

Cats are pawed animals. They, therefore, need a scratching surface for pawing into. Being naturally hunters, they will paw at what they find around, which is your furniture in most cases. The best way of preventing this, therefore, is investing in a good cat tree. Good cat trees have scratching surfaces. Remember, scratching also helps cats blow off some steam, which is essential. Cat trees, therefore, prevent cats form being destructive, which results in reduced losses and frustration.

vii) Overall happiness

Nothing brings joy to a pet owner than seeing a happy pet. Your probably know by now that cats love to climb surfaces. Cat trees are even simpler to climb as compared to the natural trees. As they climb, these pets engage their bodies, which serves as a good way of exercising. Cat trees, therefore, allow your cat to engage in an activity it loves-climbing. Your cat does not also have to stay alert on a cat tree. The sense of security will enable them to drop their guard and live normal happy lives.

viii) Longer life

A cat tree encourages your cat to spend most of its days indoors. Remember, cats mostly prefer staying outdoors because of the availability of climbing surfaces. However, when the climbing surface is brought closer, your cat will have lesser reasons to go out. A cat that spends most of its time indoors keeps way from predators and animal abusers. One of the leading causes of cat deaths is traffic. The more your cat stays indoors, the lesser it is exposed to careless drivers or cyclists.

Where is the best location for your cat tree?

Where you place your cat tree matters. Finding the right place to put a cat tree should not be as challenging. One of the best positions is next to the window, where your cat can freely connect to the outside world. Your cat can also get a glance of birds running around and cars passing by, which is suitable for both physical and mental stimulation.

Remember, your cat is only going to enjoy its tree if it is placed in the right place. Most people believe that basements are ideal because of the constant availability of mice, which is not accurate. Do not put the cat tree in an unabandoned room either-you cat will avoid it. In short, the right place is where your cat finds the tree helpful.

Factors to consider before settling on the right cat tree

You will only make your cat happy if you settle on the right tree. Cats lose interest and get bored faster, meaning that you will go at a loss if you decide on something they dislike. You should, therefore, consider important factors such as cat size and personality.

Does your cat love or fear heights? Does your cat love jumping around or peacefully lying about? If your cat fears heights, then a short cat tree would be ideal. A cat who loves jumping around will find a taller tree worthy.

  • Perching ground

Giant cats need bigger and raised perches. The last thing you want to see is your cat disowning its tree because it is too small or uncomfortable. The tree you get should, therefore, accommodate your cat’s entire frame. A good option is settling on a tree with ‘U’ shaped perches, where your cat can comfortably rest as it feels the perch on its back. Such a cat will never leave fur everywhere in your furniture. Isn’t that what you want?

Remember, cats are usually alert, a wild instinct that they hold on to. A tree that makes them vulnerable to threats is, therefore, not welcome. The ‘U’ shaped perches are also suitable for shy cats. They help cats lower their guard.

  • Uniqueness

Well, you need to settle on a unique cat tree. Handcrafted cat trees tower above all the available options because they are usually adequately customized. Handcrafted trees also look more original, with properly made branches and twigs. Whether you are making your own cat tree or buying one, get something that looks different but amazing. Invest in exciting and eye-catching designs that will also appeal to your cat.

  • Ease of cleaning

Cat trees also need to be cleaned. Your pet must stay in a clean environment. You must have also noticed that cats are one of the cleanest animals ever to grace the face of the earth. Settle, therefore, for a cat tree with a washable or reversible platform.


Cats prefer spending their whole day sleeping, which makes them challenging to engage. Cat trees, therefore, play an essential role in your cat’s life. These trees add a lot of value to your pet’s habitat, keeping them lively and entertained. Research also shows that cats who are happy indoors live longer lives since they are far from stress and threats. You, however, need to be careful before getting your cat a tree. Some factors should guide your acquisition.

Where you place your cat tree is also essential. After the acquisition, therefore, make sure that you position the tree at a strategic place where your cat will be mentally engaged. Your guess is as good as mine-next to the window. Do not keep a dull cat, therefore. Get your furry friend a cat tree and watch it transform into a lively pet.

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