Finding the right toy for your cute little pet is really a troublesome job. It may take hours and hours standing and sorting your favorite pet supply store or many sleepless nights browsing the favorite pet toys online. The advertisement on packages will entice your eyes, or may be the sound and look of the toy will make you smile, but, either the cases you are unsure about the best cat toys for your paw-friend. It’s extremely confusing and time-taking without proper guidance and shopping tips.

In order to select the right cat toys, it’s important to keep certain points into the mind which can help in saving you time and money. Read the tips below for a successful toys selection.

Safety and Durability

Intelligent, royal and adorably nasty, cats pull at the strings of one’s heart. They love to scratch and chew things while playing. So, it’s always important to let them have toys to play with, having strength and durability like any other object has. Do a good inspection to make sure there are no glued-on parts that could be swallowed, strings or sharp pieces. The toys should be perfectly stitched and glued without leaving any string behind, making it safe and secure while chewing. As, any sharp edges or thread can increase the risk of getting chewed by them and harm their jaw. But, before making any final selection, it is suggested to read reviews about the toys online.

Different types and designs

There are varieties of cat pet toys online. Some of them are meant for solo play time, which pet cats loves to batted around, stalked, pounced on, carried and even nibbled on. Others are interactive toys, which improves the natural curious nature of cats. Whereas, reward-based toys provide a treat for a job well done, and, finally a food dispensing toy makes eating playful and engaging. Now-a-days, food dispensing toys are quite favorite among cat owners, as they provide activity for your cat and a mini-meal at the same time. In addition to food dispensing toys there are puzzle toys that boost the intelligence and skillfulness of the cats. Whirly Gig, Whisper track and twinkle, Wobble scratch, beds , furniture are some of the other pleasing gifts. Pamper them with the unmatched collection of Petstages Cheese Chase, Petstages batty Butterfly, Catnip chaser, Catnip Rolls and other pet toys online.

Movements of Cat Toys

It’s already known that cats love hunting, they love to stalk, chase pounce and ultimately capture their prey. This activity gives them pleasure and improves their hunting skills. Therefore, while selecting pet toys online keep few things in mind. The toys should resemble a prey which moves like a living object. Its appearance, size, shape or movement should look like a pray either. Give greater attention to the way it moves when the cat pounces and swats over it. Can it mimic the movement of living rat or any animal? Does it offer variety of movements to keep your cat enticed? Do an experiment on all these properties to see which toys work best in the environment.

Size of Toys Makes You count

Being a predators and natural hunter, cats hunt their pray because of their size. A soft small toy can easily break into pieces and become choked on ingested. Avoid or alter any toys that aren’t “Cat-proof” by removing ribbons, strings, eyes, or other parts that could be chewed and/or ingested. Never forget to consider the size of the pet toys; right size is important as well. Anything too big or very small can be swallowed easily causing choke and gastrointestinal infection. A general rule is to make proper size and texture into consideration before purchasing any cat toy for your cuddly buddy.

Texture matters too

Texture plays an important role in your toys selection. If you have a pet at home you have noticed how texture influences there playing habits. They will nap and hide around where they feel comfortable and cozy all the time. Well texture matters a lot to cats when it comes to their playtime. You cat may prefer a soft toy that easy to bite or he may like a smooth toy that is easy to bat around. Market is full of pet toys in different designs, shape, color and texture. There are feather covered toys, leather toys, fuzzy toys, crinkly, fabric covered, hard and soft toys, which are designed from popular brands. You will never fall short of pet toys online. However, selection of fabric and stuffing should be done according to your cat age.

These are simple hacks to select the perfect cat toys online. But remember to be a part of the game always. Spend about 15 minutes to enrich your cat’s day and help him see how much fun a particular toy can be.

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