Does your pet enjoy the winter stroll or would he like to snuggle inside a cozy blanket? Either way, it’s best to make your home winter-ready to protect the wellbeing of your little companion. Many pet owners believe that their pet can survive winter chills with their furry coat; however, it is not the case. Your pet needs comfort as much as you need to fight the cold weather.

Your fur-coated friends are used to living inside the shelter, and cold weather could be harsh on them. Pets are likely to get frozen skin and low body temperature. They may also experience numbing wetness. Therefore, it is advised to take the same measures as you would take for yourself.

Extra precautions at your end can make your pets feel comfortable during winter. Let us read through some tips to help you keep your pet warm and healthy during harsh winters.

Keep your pets indoor

As the temperature drops, your pet is likely to experience chills. Young, short-haired dogs should never be left outside for long as they may get frostbite. Their skin is exposed to the outside weather, and their paw pads, ears, and nose can freeze. You can use Aquaphor for dogs as a skin soother.

If your pets enjoy playing outside or you’re taking them for a stroll, make sure you are around them all the time. Even when it is their exercising time, one of your family members should accompany them. Pets are sensitive to winter chills, and if ignored, they may experience troubled breathing, and it would take time to warm them down.

Cover your windows and doorways to avoid heavy winds to enter your home space. Make sure that the pet bedding is far away from the doors so that your dogs and cats can enjoy some warm time.

Cover them up with warm sweaters

As much as your dog hates to wear a sweater, it is advisable to cover him with a warm garment. It is one of the best ways to protect your pet during winter. There are many pet accessories suppliers in the USA that keeps a variety of pet clothing. You can connect with a leading online pet care store and check if they stock woolen pet clothing. Browse through the winter collection to get an idea about what best can you do for your furry companions.

Make your pets drink plenty of water

If your pet likes adventure and spends a lot of time outdoors, it is advised to feed him good food and develop a habit of drinking plenty of water. Your pet may feel exhausted running around all day long; it is wise to re-energize him with short meal periods that include liquid intake as well. Check your pet’s water bowl regularly and use plastic water bowls as your dog’s tongue may get stuck to the metal in case of low temperature. Many pet care stores keep pet accessories for sale. You can shop for quality food and water bowl and clean them thoroughly before use.

Take them out during the day time

A stroll during the day time can make your pet happy and healthy. As soon as the sun shines, it’s time for your pet to enjoy the sun and make merry. Try to walk your pet in the late morning or afternoon. Spend some time with them as they get the essential Vitamin D into their system. Bring out toys such as a Frisbee or ball that make your playful pet cheer with joy. In a nutshell, you should ensure that your pets get enough sun to keep themselves warm.

Arrange comfy bedding

Warm-up to a cozy bedding idea for your pets. Don’t let your pets sleep on a cold floor as it can make their joints stiff. Use warm blankets and heated pet beds that provide comfort to your pet’s aging joints. Place your dog bed in a warm area away from winds. You can make out their sleeping spot easily as every pet has a designated favorite sleeping area. If you juggle between bedding options, you can take help from any leading pet accessories supplier in the USA that keeps a stylish bedding collection. You can search for the perfect pet bed that your dog may use to snuggle, play, and sleep.

Avoid overfeeding your pet

Your dogs and cats may need an extra layer of protection during winter. However, their fur coat should suffice this requirement and not feeding them a big meal. Your pets may feel lazy owing to the cold temperature and may need a few extra calories to rejuvenate themselves. Pay attention to their eating habits during winter. Check if their diet needs to be changed or adjusted. Include whole foods or a raw meat diet to their daily meal. It would take care of the calorie deficit, and your pooch may become stronger to combat winter chills.

Turn your attention to paw care

Pets can suffer from cracked pads during winter. During snow, winter salt can burn your dog’s pads, and he may feel highly inconvenient to walk properly. Prevent ice buildup between the paw pads. If your pet has furry feet, it is advisable to trim the hair to remove any salt. Besides, it is wise to rinse and wipe your pet’s paws regularly. You can avoid taking your pets to walk on salted surfaces. Many online pet stores put up pet accessories for sale. Find some time to buy pet care essentials that would ease out your winter troubles.

Groom your pets

Pet grooming is an essential task, regardless of the season. However, it’s always good to take extra care of your pet during the winter season. Your dog’s fur may get entangled with snow, and they may experience chills. Therefore, it is important that your clean and groom your dogs and cats properly. After bathing, dry your pets before covering them up or allowing them outside. A neat and clean fur coat may smoothen your pet’s skin, and your pet may enjoy garnering attention. To buy pet grooming essentials, you can consult a pet accessories supplier in the USA that knows a great deal about pet grooming or take your pet to a veterinary clinic for a happy grooming session.

Carry out the snow removal task

Playing in the snow can be dangerous for your pets. Pile away snow from fences when clearing it to prevent your dog from climbing. Piled up snow makes escape routes for your pets, and they won’t resist climbing over. Ice may accumulate on rooftops and can slide as the temperature rises. It could injure your pet. Therefore, it’s safe to clear the snow from the tracks that your pet uses for walking.

Prevent exposure to antifreeze

Antifreeze can be dangerous for your pets. While your dogs and cats may like the sweet smell of antifreeze, consider it as a health hazard. If your pet consumes antifreeze excessively, it may show symptoms like loss of balance, depression, staggering, abdominal sensitivity, etc. Take stern measures to avoid risking your pet’s health. If you observe such symptoms, it is wise to take your pet to a vet for a thorough diagnosis.

Take care of stray pets

While you take all the safety measures to keep your dog warm during winter, you must check on street dogs and cats as well. They may have an infection due to antifreeze. Besides, your pets may contract unknown diseases when playing with their furry friends. Salty paws may lead to further infection, and your pet may feel troubled at large. It is advised to set some rules to avoid winter hassles coming your way. Your pets should enjoy the cold weather without worrying about their health.

Pay attention to senior pets

If your pet has an existing medical condition, keep him warm during the cold season. A health condition, arthritis, is common among senior pets. You should set an exercise routine for your arthritic dog. Besides, avoid taking him to slippery surfaces and carry out exercises in a warm area. You can buy a natural joint supplement to lubricate your pet’s joints. It will make the bones healthy during winter. Just like you, pets are also prone to certain illnesses, and it is best to take care of them the same way as you would treat yourself.

Now you know better about making your pet ready to face the winter chills. Use this information to your advantage and let your pet enjoy the cold weather in the best way possible. You can shop for winter care essentials from Make Your Pets Happy. They can help you pick the best pet accessories from their vast collection. Look through several pet products and create a winter pack that your pet would love to use. Your pet deserves the best.


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